Problems With Call Recording

What problems with call recording could you experience with a hosted VoIP system?  Call recording is one the most widely requested features for businesses, but sometimes you may experience issues with this feature.  In this article we will discuss the common issues that lead to problems with call recording and how to prevent them.

Problems With Call Recording

The call recording feature is essential for business whether you need it for quality assurance purposes or to follow-up on a missed detail.  Call recording gives you the ability to record and review calls on a need basis.  It is great for monitoring the performance of your customer service representative or confirming a conversation based on a customer complaint.

However, if you start to experience problems, such as not being able to listen to your calls, you can find yourself in a predicament.  We hope to shed light on these real problems and how you can prevent them before they happen.

There are three general classes of problems with call recording that you might experience.

  • Past Call Recordings Not Saved
  • Cannot Listen to Call Recordings Offline
  • Cannot Download Calls or Recordings All Zero Length
  • You’re Not Listening to Your Calls

Past Call Recordings Not Saved

If you are unable to access your saved call recording,  you may not have access to these calls because of your provider’s preset limits.  In order to save room on your system, most provider’s set limits on how long past calls are saved and accessible directly through your system.

For instance, CallForwarding stores call recordings for up to 15 days.  Up until this date, recordings can be downloaded and saved externally so they can be accessed anytime.  However, CallForwarding offers options for storing recordings beyond the 15 day period.  Additional minutes and pricing will vary depending on the amount of cumulative minutes you need.

This allows users to have the option to listen to recordings at one’s leisure or for later review.  Some call recording feature’s, such as CallForwarding’s  offers more than just a recording and includes the date, time, telephone number of the caller, duration of the call and the total cost of the call.

Cannot Listen to Call Recordings Offline

Saving call recordings is extremely important for training purposes and for referencing customer information.  If you are having issues successfully downloading recorded calls offline, you will need to troubleshoot the issue.  This issue may occur because your provider does not offer a downloadable file in a format that is compatible with your audio listening software or computer.  If your call recordings are not working on your device, talk to your provider about their software recommendations.

Can’t Download Calls or Recordings All Zero Length

In some cases, you may get a warning message of some type indicating “file not found” or “you don’t have permission to view that file” or some similar message.  Alternatively, you may download call recordings to listen offline, and find all the messages have zero length.

This can mean that your service provider is having trouble with file permissions and needs to make a change on the cloud side so that you can download full-length recorded conversations.

You’re Not Listening to Your Calls

OK, this isn’t really a problem that’s caused by hardware or software.  This is just a reminder that you lose a great deal of business benefit if you don’t review your call recordings.

Call recording gives businesses the ability to record and review calls on a needed basis.  Call recording can help you monitor conversations with an easy click of a button.  Don’t wait for a customer complaint to come in before addressing the problem.  Instead, use call recording to monitor telephone calls involving customer service representatives or call center agents for quality assurance purposes. You can see how long your customers are on the phone, which agent takes the most phone calls and even what time of day your customers call the most.

Increase customer satisfaction by monitoring your calls to ensure your employees are handling all situations properly and effectively.  Take advantage of your feedback to encourage employees to take on more calls or help train employees to close sales in a more productive amount of time.

Call recording is a must have feature for business of all sizes.  It is important that it is set up correctly so that you can get the most out of its capabilities.  If you experience any issues it is important that you contact your provider in order to get the most out of its capabilities.

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