How to Manage a Successful Call Center With a Hosted VoIP Telephone System

How to manage a successful call center with a hosted VoIP system is a question many businesses with call centers face.  More and more companies are embracing business VoIP, which goes beyond a traditional telephone system.  Cloud business phone systems offer many features that will improve call center efficiency and communication with your customers.  In this article we will discuss a few of the key factors that establish a baseline for managing a VoIP telephone system.

How to Manage a Successful Call Center With a Hosted VoIP Telephone System

When managing a successful call center with a hosted VoIP system, you want to make sure that you’re efficiently using it and truly getting the most out of its capabilities.  In this article we will discuss:

  • Choosing your VoIP provider
  • Take advantage of calling features
  • Select a backup service provider
  • Benefits of your VoIP telephone system

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the most popular technology used to transmit voice data over the internet.  VoIP allows you to cut cost while maintaining or increasing functionality and efficiency.  Using a VoIP telephone system not only reduces your cost but also enhance your capabilities.

Just as a toll free number is forwarded to a landline or mobile phone, a toll free number can also be forwarded to a “softphone” which is simply downloaded to your compeer, via the VoIP forwarding feature.

Choosing Your VoIP Provider

The task of managing your hosted VoIP service begins even before the implementation phase when the decision is made to deploy your system.  To ensure your VoIP service is optimized, it is crucial to plan, implement and map out the entire network.

One thing that is extremely important is an adequate internet connection.  VoIP runs entirely over the internet, so it is important that you have enough bandwidth to allow for clear calls.  Here are a few more tips to ensure network readiness:

  • Have the correct amount of bandwidth for performance.  We recommend 87 kbps for full quality audio (G711 codec) and 33 kbps for compressed audio (G729 codec) for each call.
  • Consider all charges, such as the originating and terminating fees that occur when a call takes place.  This is important to research before you decide which plan to go with.
  • Find out what technical or customer support is offered by each VoIP provider.  Many call centers are open 24/7 so it is important that your VoIP provider offer the same support.
  • Pick a provider with an international presence that is in touch with the telecommunications market.  These VoIP providers will be able to provide carrier connections worldwide and will be the first to deploy new technology.

Take Advantage of Calling Features

VoIP is known for its wide variety of calling features.  Most VoIP plans come standard with important calling features, such as IVR/auto attendant , call recording, and time-of-day-routing.  But, make sure to ask what features are included and which will cost extra for their solution.  This will avoid any negative surprises that could adversely affect your business.

Select a Backup Service Provider

Have a broadband service from two different providers for your premises for backup use or as an alternate service provider.  This can be a little more expensive, but having diversity routing solution is standard in connectivity.  Many dependent business include hotels, airline reservations, media emergency service, online gaming and customer service.

Enjoy the Benefits of Using Your VoIP Telephone System

Virtual VoIP telephone systems are easy to use and maintain.  Businesses of all sizes are relying on hosted PBX’s to connect them with customers around the world.  Many small to medium size businesses rely on hosted PBX systems because they do not require bulky, expensive hardware. Further more, hosted PBX systems are low-maintenance and have the ability to perform quick, automatic updates due to its cloud-based concept.  With hosted PBX, your business will not have to delay operations for updates.

Also, a hosted PBX is extremely scalable, meaning that if your business grows, it can easily be managed with this cloud-based system.  Changes to your hosted VoIP telephone system can be easily applied.

There are many advantages that come with a VoIP system that are not commonly found in traditional telephone systems.  It’s the ideal communication platform for companies that need intelligent call routing, contact center capabilities, mobility and business process integration—but want to outsource system maintenance and management.

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