How Can I Listen to My Call Recordings?

Call Recording is a valued feature that is essential for businesses to improve their day-to-day operations.  Whether you run a business out of your home or work for a large company, Call Recording is an asset to utilize.  CallForwarding offers Call Recording as a standard feature for our customers with there toll free or local number at no additional cost.

How Can I Listen to My Call Recordings?

Once your number is activated, Call Recording will record all of your extension’s incoming and outgoing calls.  Recordings can be enabled for an individual and multiple users and can be played back in the Self-Care Portal online, which makes reviewing your calls extremely convenient.  Recordings are stored in the online portal for up to 15 days, but can be downloaded and saved as well.  This allows users to have the option to listen to recordings at one’s leisure or for later review.  The Call Recording feature offers more than just the recording.  It presents the date and time, telephone number of the caller, duration of the call, and the total cost for that call.

What Are The Benefits of Call Recordings?

Call recording gives businesses the ability to record and review calls on a needed basis.  It is great for reviewing the performance of your customer service representatives or confirming a conversation based on a customer complaint.  Being able to record and save phone conversation is extremely helpful for:

Internal training purposes.  Businesses often use Call Recording to monitor telephone calls involving their customer service representatives or call center agents for quality assurance purposes.  Listening to your calls can be a effective method of improving the level of customer service you provide.  This can be extremely useful for sales teams can analyze their sales pitch, listen to the customer on the line and determine areas where they can make improvements.

Analyze Call Reports.  Call Recording makes it easier to analyze almost any aspect of your agents calls.  You can see how long your agents are on the phone, which agent takes the most phone calls and even what time of day your customers call the most.  Take advantage of your feedback to encourage employees to take on more calls or help train employees to close sales in a more productive amount of time.

Improve Customer Satisfaction.  No need to hover over an employees desk to see how they are interacting with a customer.  Call Recording can help you monitor conversations with an easy click of a button.  Don’t wait for a customer complaint to come in before addressing the problem.   Increase customer satisfaction by monitoring your calls to ensure your employees are handling  all situations properly and effectively.

Whatever reason makes most sense for your business, it’s a great idea to include Call Recording as a part of your telephony features.   Additionally , Call Recording can help you stay compliant, provide a record of the conversation in case of a dispute, help in effectively training your reps on best practices and provide your employees with a record of specific customer inquiries.