How to Use Call Recording to Improve Agent Training

Call recordings are a great resource for call center agent training. By listening to agents’ conversations with customers, call center managers and business owners alike can review agent performance and identify areas that may need improvement.  Your agents can also learn a lot by listening to the recorded calls of your top-performing employees.

Looking for ways to enhance your current agent training program? Here are 5 of the top ways that you can use call recording to improve agent training and ensure that your customers always have a positive experience when they contact your business.

How to Use Call Recording to Improve Agent Training

1.  Evaluate Agent Skills

You can listen to call recordings to get a better understanding of your agents’ individual strengths and weaknesses. Whether you choose to host one on one or group training sessions, call recordings serve as concrete examples of what your agents do well, and what they can improve on. We also recommend storing samples of call recordings in order to track your agents’ progress.

 2. Improve Call Center Script Compliance

Chances are, your agents are trained to use a script when they interact with customers. As a call center manager, you can use call recordings to determine if your agents are actually sticking to the script.

If you notice that your agents are consistently deviating from the script, you may want to re-evaluate the script itself.

3.  Build Customer Relationships

A great way to motivate agents to provide excellent customer service is to help them understand the role they play in building customer relationships. You can use call recording examples from successful calls to show your agents how the quality of service they provide impacts the customer retention, loyalty and lifetime value. Once they understand this, they will be more motivated to provide top-notch service every time they pick up the phone.

4. Ongoing Training

Most call centers already have an on boarding process for their agents. But, ongoing training is just as important (if not more so) as those first few training sessions. By listening to call recordings regularly, you can provide ongoing feedback to each of your agents.

You may want to take your ongoing agent training program one step further and design a targeted training regimen for each agent depending on their individual strengths and weaknesses.  Additional training sessions and evaluations can help keep standards and performance levels high.

5. Turn Training Into Action

You may have dedicated hours of time and energy to developing a seamless training program, but are agents actually utilizing your feedback?  It is essential to make sure that the topics you discuss in training sessions are actually applied in real customer interactions.

And what’s the best way to tell if your training tips are being implemented? You guessed it! Call recordings.

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