How to Use Auto Attendant to Grow Your Business

You can learn how to use auto attendant to grow your business. With auto attendant, callers will reach the extension they want, and get the information they want quickly.

If your company is using a variety of VoIP calling features, it is important to know how to use auto attendant to grow business.  With auto attendant, callers will automatically be transferred to an extension without the intervention of an operator or receptionist.  This service will allow you to manage your calls from all offices at the same time.  In this article, we will discuss the capabilities of auto attendant and how it can benefit your business.

How to Use Auto Attendant to Grow Business

Auto attendant services can efficiently handle and transfer your callers to the desired extension without them having to speak with an actual receptionist or operator.  Employing auto attendant in your office ensures that calls from a potential lead or client will not be missed because lines are tied up.  An auto attendant avoids this by routing calls to the department they need, or gives them the ability to leave a voicemail.

If your business is experiencing growth, this may be the best option that will help you organize your calls.  With auto attendants, you’re able to record a greeting for your callers to hear, supply them with personalized prompts that will connect them with the correct recipient and even provide them with relevant business information.

Auto Attendant: A Closer Look

Auto attendant is typically included in a businesses phone system such as PBX and services to route calls to mobile phones, VoIP devises, or other locations.

On a technical level, an auto attendant can be viewed as a very simple IVR.  However, unlike an IVR, auto attendants serve a very specific purpose: to replace live operators and route calls.  It can often include a directory which will allow a caller to dial by name in order to find users on a system.

Tips for Setting Up Your Auto Attendant

Here we have identified the best practices for setting up your auto attendant, that gives your business the impression of an efficient, organized and professional company.

1. Keep it Simple

When a customer calls your business, it is important that they receive the information they need immediately, in order to be directed to the correct person that can help them.  You do not want to drag on the length of the call due too much unnecessary information.  For most business, it is ok to include your office hours as well as your website URL.  This will save you time by immediately answering many callers questions.

You should also make sure to let callers know right away that they can dial their party’s extension, if they know it at any time.  Customers will be pleased that they do not have wait on the line and can connect to an attendant right away.

2.  List the Most Requested Information First

In order to cut down on call times, provide customers with the information they want.  This can easily be setup to automate your greeting to address the most requested questions first.  For example, if you’re running a hotel, have options about reservations or cancellations at the beginning of the menu.

3. Don’t List Your Entire Company Roster

If you need customers to have access to every employees extension, consider a dial-by-name directory.  However, if you do decide to list individual extensions, the menu should not contain more than 6 options.

4.  Make an After Hours Message

Unless you are open 24/7 it is important to have a greeting for your customers that lets them know when you’re closed and what your normal business hours are.  It is also important to include what to do if it is an emergency.  For example, a healthcare provider may have an emergency option.  This can contain what to do if the doctor needs to be notified, followed by a list of regular options for patients who want to leave a message and have their call returned.

5. Give Your Customers a Replay Option

A customer may get distracted or have someone interrupt them while they are in the process of listening to the menu options.  Give your customers an option to replay the list of menu options at the end by pressing a particular key.  This will avoid callers having to hang up and call back and will also cut down on calling cost.

Although the purpose of your auto attendant may not be to grow business, automated phone systems will make your company sound bigger and more professional.  Auto attendant is the perfect way to greet your customers consistently and more efficiently, when set up correctly.  With these simple tips your auto attendant will be professional and convenient for both you and your customers.