Global Call Forwarding Provides Business Advantages

International Toll Free Numbers

Global call forwarding is a simple concept. It gives businesses the ability to connect with prospective and current customers abroad. It is the most affordable way to achieve international expansion, even if it is a virtual one. So you may ask, what is required to set this up?

  1. Purchase an international toll free number
  2. Forward new number directly to you and/or your agents
  3. Receive calls from around the world

Global call forwarding is the same thing as international toll free forwarding. It gives businesses an international presence that is easy to achieve and afford. Additionally, global call forwarding can offer a business:

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased sales
  • Flexibility

Global Call Forwarding Reduces Costs

In other words, businesses can avoid the expensive costs associated with relocating or adding an international location. Infrastructure, additional overhead and salary costs can be eliminated. In fact, because toll free forwarding is a cloud-based telephony features, businesses can further eliminate costs associated with hardware and maintenance of the equipment.

Global Call Forwarding Increases Sales

Aside from cost saving efforts, global call forwarding can contribute by increasing the likelihood of sales. Having this enhanced presence results in more calls delivered to you and your agents. Thus, the more calls a business receives, the higher its chances of closing sales opportunities. Ultimately, this sequence creates for more sales and greater revenue.

Global Call Forwarding Introduces Flexibility

Having the ability to adjust calls to fit your schedule is a convenience only global call forwarding can offer. Given that global call forwarding allows businesses to dictate where and when a call rings, it provides leisure through the use of its many features.

Features like IVR, or interactive voice response, plays a menu-like recording for callers, directing them to the most appropriate representative based on their selection. An example of an IVR can be something like, Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Customer Support, and so forth.

Another feature that plays well with global call forwarding is time-of-day routing. This feature gives businesses the option to forward calls to different people, offices, or devices based on the time of day. This is great for small businesses who utilize a number of employees to answer the phones, or for large corporations who receive calls to various offices.

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