What is Toll Free Forwarding?

Everything you need to know about international toll free forwarding

Toll free forwarding, which is the same as call forwarding or call divert, allows businesses to activate toll free numbers abroad and route calls made to those numbers to another device.  Toll free forwarding is a simple concept that can change the way that you do business – for the better.  With toll free forwarding,…

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How Can I Promote My Toll Free Number?

How can I promote my toll free number? I just got my new toll free number, but now I need for customers to call it. How can I do this for my department or marketing campaign on a reasonable budget? Here are some ideas to help get your toll free number in front of customers who can buy your product or service.

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How Local Numbers Help Your Business

Local Phone Numbers

Although we frequently talk about the benefits of international toll free numbers,  local phone numbers can also help your business. Did you know that you can use local numbers internationally?  In this article, we’re going to discuss how local numbers can help your business. With the rise of international toll free numbers, many people seem…

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Cloud PBX: How Does it Work?

If you are looking to improve your business telephony technologies and reduce costs, the best option to consider is employing a cloud PBX system. This hosted solution is affordable, easy to install and even simpler to maintain. This system works faster and better than an on-premise PBX, which is also typically more expensive to uphold.…

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International Toll Free Numbers Offer Global Presence

Global call forwarding - International toll free numbers

International toll free numbers let you easily achieve an international presence to reach and sell to customers in over 100 countries around the globe. Gaining new business is not always an easy task, especially when your budget is limited. Taking your business abroad is even harder – or it used to be. With international toll…

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4 Hosted PBX Features You Must Have

Lately there’s been much talk about how a hosted PBX compares to an on-premise PBX system. We’ve found that no true differences exist. In fact, a hosted PBX system has proven to reap more benefits. As a result, it’s no surprise why so many businesses have switched to a cloud hosted PBX system. Not only…

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3 Reasons Why Toll Free Numbers are Still Business-Worthy

Toll free numbers

Some things get better with age. This is definitely true for toll free numbers. Toll free numbers were first introduced in the UK and US in the 1960’s, but today they are capable of things not originally intended. Toll free numbers have proven to be extremely popular for businesses worldwide, helping them: Expand into new…

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Global Call Forwarding Provides Business Advantages

International Toll Free Numbers

Global call forwarding is a simple concept. It gives businesses the ability to connect with prospective and current customers abroad. It is the most affordable way to achieve international expansion, even if it is a virtual one. So you may ask, what is required to set this up? Purchase an international toll free number Forward new…

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