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What is Toll Free Forwarding?

Everything you need to know about international toll free forwarding

Toll free forwarding, which is the same as call forwarding or call divert, allows businesses to activate toll free numbers abroad and route calls made to those numbers to another device.  Toll free forwarding is a simple concept that can change the way that you do business – for the better.  With toll free forwarding,…

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How to Forward Calls to Multiple People at the Same Time

When manageing a call center it is important to know how to forward calls to multiple people. Having calls routed to multiple lines gives your business tremendous flexibility and improves efficiency. In this article, we will discuss how to have incoming calls routed to multiple lines at the same time, and how to use sequential ringing or hunt groups as an alternative that may work better for your business.

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How Does Time of Day Routing Work?

Time of day routing picture. Shows that it's easy to change where calls forward by time of day.

Time- of-day routing lets you route incoming phone calls to different phone numbers or to voicemail depending on time of day, day of week, or day of month. Yu can route calls based on your company’s business hours, and forward calls elsewhere when your office is closed.

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What Features Come With My Toll Free Number?

VoIP Worldwide

What Features Come With My Toll Free Number?” A surprising number of powerful features like call forwarding, interactive voice response, and sequential ringing come with your toll free number. You will be surprised to learn how these powerful features that make your toll free number the most useful tool in your business.

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Remote Employment Made Easy with VoIP


Remote employment with VoIP is a recent trend that is likely to stick around for some time. As it spreads across all four corners of the world, remote employment often is a cheaper option to supporting a company’s call center. There’s no easier or more reliable way to implement remote employment to your business than…

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Business VoIP: The Ideal Solution for Small Businesses

International toll free forwarding - business voip

Business VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) solves the many challenges small businesses and startups face in respect to telephony budget and capability. Instead of going beyond your means and investing in expensive call center technology, your business can experience the same high-quality service for less. Business VoIP strictly operates via the Internet, allowing for cheaper,…

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Cut Costs While Improving Bottom Line with VoIP Toll Free Service

VoIP toll free service

VoIP toll free service enables your business to reach global customers using the Internet. It’s affordable, reliable and a much needed business. Your current phone system may very well be the reason your business hasn’t reach its full potential yet. VoIP toll free service is the most preferred phone system for businesses. It’s reliable, cost-saving…

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Use a Toll Free Number and Go Global Instantly

Business toll free number

Having a toll free number for your business can provide an array of benefits you could not easily gain otherwise. Sure you could invest a lot of money into relocating your business or opening multiple, international offices, but with a toll free number you can avoid all that hassle and still go global. By implementing…

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Five VoIP Telephony Features That Can Benefit Any Business

Virtual pbx - voip telephony features

Five VoIP telephony features greatly improve small business phone systems. The VoIP telephony features improve both customer service and the company image. Businesses of all sizes can greatly benefit from implementing VoIP telephony to their call centers. This is specifically true for SMBs, who understand that every missed call is a missed sales opportunity. VoIP…

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VoIP Features That Are Sure to Improve Your Business

Luckily in today’s world, small and medium businesses operating on a tighter budget are able to use telephony technologies to benefit their call center needs, regardless of size or requirements. In fact, because of these advanced VoIP features, businesses are able to more equally compete with large, established corporations. Not only do these VoIP features…

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