Are You Running a Call Center? And Don’t Know It?

Are you running a call center? And don’t know it? You’re not alone. Many companies do not realize that they have a call center. Recognizing that you are running a call center is the first step toward creating a superior experience for your customers and improving your bottom line. Your team will appreciate the improvement in your communications and workflow that will happen when you start managing the call center you didn’t know you had.

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Hosted PBX Services Reap Abundant Business Benefits

Toll Free Numbers - hosted pbx

Hosted PBX services allow businesses to save money, be more productive, expand internationally and deliver satisfactory customer service. Businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of hosted PBX solutions to improve their business potential. Hosted PBX services eliminate the need for bulky and expensive call center equipment and enable the same quality telephony service for…

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Use a Toll Free Number and Go Global Instantly

Business toll free number

Having a toll free number for your business can provide an array of benefits you could not easily gain otherwise. Sure you could invest a lot of money into relocating your business or opening multiple, international offices, but with a toll free number you can avoid all that hassle and still go global. By implementing…

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VoIP Features That Are Sure to Improve Your Business

Luckily in today’s world, small and medium businesses operating on a tighter budget are able to use telephony technologies to benefit their call center needs, regardless of size or requirements. In fact, because of these advanced VoIP features, businesses are able to more equally compete with large, established corporations. Not only do these VoIP features…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Business Toll Free Number

Acquiring a toll free number for your business is easier than ever before. Why? Because business owners realize the value they can bring to their organization. Further, as much as it benefits the company, it also benefits its customers. Callers love toll free numbers because they are free and effective in quickly getting them to…

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4 Hosted PBX Features You Must Have

Lately there’s been much talk about how a hosted PBX compares to an on-premise PBX system. We’ve found that no true differences exist. In fact, a hosted PBX system has proven to reap more benefits. As a result, it’s no surprise why so many businesses have switched to a cloud hosted PBX system. Not only…

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Tips for VoIP Toll Free Number Fraud Avoidance


Businesses have been switching from traditional PSTN telephony providers to VoIP in the recent years, and for several great reasons. More cost effective (infrastructure and telecommunications) Higher performance Easier to maintain and upgrade More scalable Offers advanced features VoIP enabled telephony improves business processes and the customer experience simply with its enhanced capabilities. Receiving and…

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Top Reasons for an 800 Business Number

800 business number

An 800 business number is great for many reasons. It helps improve efficiencies to an array of departments and business efforts. Some of the more important reasons as to why businesses should acquire an 800 business number include increased sales, improved customer service and enhanced credibility and image. Increased Sales A toll free number, or…

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