China 400 Numbers

400 Numbers – The Best Choice for a China Toll Free Number China 400 numbers are equivalent to an 800 number. They are the preferred toll free number for Chinese businesses. They can be used for both North and South China, and customers are also able to dial these numbers from their mobile phones. Having…

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Sonetel Review, Pricing, & Top Alternatives

Sometimes, we are asked by potential customers about what virtual number provider we would recommend if they wanted to weigh their options. In this post, we’ll be showcasing Sonetel, a communications provider. We’ll go over pricing in the most popular locations about the world, review features, and include information of the top Sonetel alternatives and a…

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Best UK VoIP Number Providers

In the market for the best UK VoIP phone number provider? Since you are in the market you might already have an idea of what you are looking for from your United Kingdom virtual number provider and what you are not. Maybe this is all new to you and you are just looking for a…

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Best US VoIP Number Providers

Searching for the perfect US VoIP number provider for your business can become overwhelming with all of the different options out there. We know how tedious it can be trying to compare alternatives and try to found the one that fits for you, which is why we have done all the leg work for you.…

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SIP Trunking vs PRI: What’s the Difference?

SIP Trunking vs PRI - What's the Difference?

SIP, VoIP, PRI, ISDN – the list of technical acronyms in the telecommunications industry never seems to end.  And when you’re trying to choose the best communications solution for your business, all of the jargon can be a real stumbling block.  To help you make the right choice for your business’s needs, we’ll compare SIP…

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How to Manage a Successful Call Center With a Hosted VoIP Telephone System


How to manage a successful call center with a hosted VoIP system is a question many businesses have. More and more companies are embracing business VoIP, which goes beyond a traditional telephone system. Cloud business phone systems offer many features that will improve call center efficiency and communication with your customers. In this article we will discuss the factors that establish a baseline for managing a VoIP telephone system.

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How to Forward Calls to Multiple People at the Same Time

When manageing a call center it is important to know how to forward calls to multiple people. Having calls routed to multiple lines gives your business tremendous flexibility and improves efficiency. In this article, we will discuss how to have incoming calls routed to multiple lines at the same time, and how to use sequential ringing or hunt groups as an alternative that may work better for your business.

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Local Phone Numbers Build Trust With Customers

local presence

Local numbers offer many advantages, such as establishing a local presence in a specific local area or city. The local number shows potential customers that their market is important to you. In this article we will discuss how to use a local phone number to build trust with customers.

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Are You Running a Call Center? And Don’t Know It?

Are you running a call center? And don’t know it? You’re not alone. Many companies do not realize that they have a call center. Recognizing that you are running a call center is the first step toward creating a superior experience for your customers and improving your bottom line. Your team will appreciate the improvement in your communications and workflow that will happen when you start managing the call center you didn’t know you had.

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Press Release: CallForwarding.com’s New Website Launch

toll free service providers

Callforwarding.com sees big traffic increase with new website launch CallForwarding.com has improved its competitive edge by launching a new website and revising pricing models earlier this week. Atlanta, GA  August 16, 2013 –  As a global toll free service provider CallForwarding.com aims to provide instant toll free service, helping businesses stay better connected to their…

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