How Can I Forward My Calls to Voicemail After Hours?

How can I forward my calls to voicemail after hours?  Like most businesses, you want to ensure you never miss a customer call, and that you can respond quickly to customer messages.  Sometimes you may not be able to access your voicemail right away.  Because of this,  VoIP service providers have made it very easy for you to access your messages from a browser or email inbox.  In this article we will explain how you can transfer your calls to voicemail after hours, using the web portal as an example.

How Can I Forward My Calls to Voicemail After Hours?

Customers are using toll free numbers to call businesses at all hours of the day.  In fact, according to WordStream, 75% of consumers say a phone call is the quickest way to get a response.  So, you need a toll free number for your customers to reach you, but your business may be short staffed during peak hours, and you may be missing calls when your office or call center is closed.  With toll free calling features, you can set up calls to ring to voicemail after hours or when your staff cannot answer the call.  By using your voicemail properly, you can increase conversions from customer phone calls and improve your customer experience.

So, how do I set up forwarding to voicemail, and how do I choose the hours and days of the week when forwarding to voicemail is in effect?  In this article we will explain how to transfer your calls to voicemail.

Forward Your Calls to Voicemail in 5 Simple Steps

1. Login to your account in the customer self-care portal.  Click on IP Centrex.

Self Care Portal-Picture 1

2.  Click on Phone Lines on the left hand side-bar & then click the blue wrench next to the phone number for which you want to set up call forwarding to voicemail.

Customer Portal- Picture 2

3.  Click on IP Centrex in the top menu (again).

Self Care Portal-Picture 1

4. Click on the calendar to edit settings for the phone number selected.

Customer Portal- step 4

5.  Here you can change the description of your number.  You can also set up the duration of the ringing as  Ring Time.  Ring Schedule is set to Always by default.  To change this to enable voice mail coverage during certain days and times, check Only at the Following Time Interval.

Customer Self Care-picture 5

6.  Click on the clock icon to change time your time of day routing.

<Customer Self Portal- Step 6>

7. Here you can customize your calls based on the time of day, day of the week and select months.

Customer Portal- Step 7

Voicemail to Email

In case you cannot access your voicemail right away, you can choose to receive your voice messages by email.

VoIP service providers have made it easy for you by offering a Voicemail to Email feature.  This feature sends all your voicemails to your email inbox. Voicemail to email is extremely useful because you can easily access your messages on the go and respond to customers quickly.  Missed calls can now be managed effectively, promoting increased sales and faster response times.