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How to Forward Calls to Multiple People at the Same Time

When manageing a call center it is important to know how to forward calls to multiple people. Having calls routed to multiple lines gives your business tremendous flexibility and improves efficiency. In this article, we will discuss how to have incoming calls routed to multiple lines at the same time, and how to use sequential ringing or hunt groups as an alternative that may work better for your business.

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How Can I Forward My Calls to Voicemail After Hours?

How can I forward my calls to voicemail after hours? Like most businesses, you want to ensure you never miss a customer call, and that you can respond quickly to customer messages. Sometimes you may not be able to access your voicemail right away. Because of this, VoIP service providers have made it very easy for you to access your messages from a browser or email inbox. In this article we will explain how you can transfer your calls to voicemail after hours, using the web portal as an example.

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How Soon Can I Start Using My Toll Free Number?

International toll free forwarding

How Soon Can I Start Using My Toll Free Number? Immediately if you can prove your identity, have a valid credit card, and choose an available number. Most toll free service providers can have your toll free number up and running within 72 hours. Each carrier has its own procedure for ordering numbers, which is why some numbers take longer to configure.

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