Free Call Divert: A Feature Giving Businesses More Accessibility

Free call divert

Free call divert allows your business to forward a call from one device to another. This is especially beneficial when your business acquires a domestic or international toll free number. When using free call divert with toll free forwarding, your virtual toll free number is now forwarded to a landline or mobile telephone. However, you can also forward to a softphone or PBX system.

Free Call Divert to Multiple Devices

Most businesses are familiar with free call divert when re-routing calls to an alternate telephone, whether it be a landline or mobile. Having this ability makes receiving calls on-the-go more dependable. Additionally, a business can use the free call divert feature to route calls from a specific country or number to ring to a specific destination. For example, your company needed all calls from Canada and Germany to ring to two specific lines, free call divert can achieve that.

Free call divert can also forward calls to a softphone. A softphone – what is that you ask? A softphone is a telephone that lives on your computer and operates via a dedicated IP address. This is a great alternative device for businesses that have a large call volume or multiple agents answering calls. Furthermore, forwarding to a softphone gives businesses the cheapest rates compared to forwarding to a landline or mobile.

Free Call Divert Increases Business Accessibility

Every business wants to be available to their customers. This is especially true for businesses who provide 24/7 customer or technical support lines. With that being said, many utilize the free call divert feature to help them achieve high accessibility to their customers, worldwide. Free call divert gives businesses the ability to easily forward calls to multiple destinations. The feature follows pre-determined rules to do so, directing calls accordingly. Sample rules can depend on:

  • The caller reaching voicemail
  • The caller reaching a busy line
  • Where the caller is calling from
  • A specific time of day

In fact, a feature that works hand-in-hand with free call divert is Time-of-Day Routing. This feature lets a business decide where certain calls will arrive depending on the time of day. Thus, if your business operates internationally, Time-of-Day Routing can help ensure that calls are being delivered to the most appropriate destination.

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