Call Divert Helps International Business Expansion

Call divert is a call feature that gives your business the ability to redirect incoming calls to a different number (or device). It is the same thing as call forwarding or toll free forwarding; it enables your business to point a number to ring to any landline, mobile, SIP, or PBX worldwide. Call divert makes your business more:

  • Internationally accessible
  • Operationally efficient
  • Competitive
  • Mobile

Call Divert Helps Businesses Expand Internationally.

When the call divert feature is implemented, calls from your business toll free number can be sent to any number in the world. This better accommodates the mobility factor, whether they relate to your travels or your remote employees. Re-directing a number through call divert is simple. In fact, with, you can re-point the number at any time, as often as your business requires. Creating such mobility within your business is vital, especially if you are a new or small business.

Call Divert Enhances Your Business Abilities.

With call divert, your business has the ability to be virtually present in multiple markets around the globe. Although an international toll free number or local phone number serves your business well, call divert is really what makes the ITFS (international toll free service) come to life; it is call divert that prevents you from ever missing another a business opportunity again.

Call divert also benefits businesses by offering:

  • Direct voicemail divert or
    • Entirely avoid voicemail and extend forwarding rules until agent is reached
    • Fully customizable IVR
    • Caller ID information from callers

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