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3 Types of International Toll Free Numbers

International Toll Free Numbers

Businesses use International toll free numbers, but also domestic toll free numbers and universal international freephone numbers. What’s the difference? As it turns out, there are important differences between these types of international toll free numbers. Choosing the right type of number for your business or campaigns can greatly improve your results.

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International Toll Free Numbers Promote More Business

Hosted PBX - ITFS

ITFS, or international toll free service, is a sure way to gain international appeal and promote more sales opportunities. International toll free numbers allow your business to create a virtual, global presence. ITFS reaches new markets while enhancing the company’s corporate image. So you ask, how does ITFS work? Activating ITFS is pretty simple. Your…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Business Toll Free Number

Acquiring a toll free number for your business is easier than ever before. Why? Because business owners realize the value they can bring to their organization. Further, as much as it benefits the company, it also benefits its customers. Callers love toll free numbers because they are free and effective in quickly getting them to…

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1-800 Business Numbers as Vanity Numbers

0800 numbers - 1-800 business numbers

1-800 business numbers are not only a great way to gain new customers, but also serve as an effective marketing tool.  1-800 business numbers benefit your sales because they ultimately benefit the prospect or customer. 1-800 business numbers are toll free numbers. Thus, it is free for the caller, and you, as the company, incur…

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Call Divert Helps International Business Expansion

Call divert

Call divert is a call feature that gives your business the ability to redirect incoming calls to a different number (or device). It is the same thing as call forwarding or toll free forwarding; it enables your business to point a number to ring to any landline, mobile, SIP, or PBX worldwide. Call divert makes…

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Features That Can Help Your Business’ Productivity

Calling features that help you get the most out of your ITFS and toll free numbers are not only great for big businesses, but small and medium size businesses too! The less time you have to spend on making things work, the more time you will have to dedicate to your customers—and ultimately your company’s…

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ITFS vs. UIFN: Which is more business-worthy?

ITFS and UIFN both provide huge benefits for businesses looking to take operations on an international scale, however they are different and it’s important to know how. Both ITFS and UIFN Add Value to Your Business Providing the most appropriate type of business phone number to your customers is imperative. It can help drive in prospects…

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Think international, be local

Many start-ups and small businesses rely on their customer representatives and sales staff to generate transactions and promote a positive profit—and although that might be a good initial thought, the question thats still remains is this: how will you get the calls to reach those reps in the first place? More importantly, how are you to…

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International Toll Free Number: Why Get It?

How does it work? International toll free service (ITFS)  is country specific. ITFS requires international toll free numbers for each country. Thus, one international toll free number will not allow your customers in both India and Taiwan to call the same number–each must have their own toll free number. This is one downside to the…

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