3 Valuable Toll Free Number Features For Your Business

Toll free number

By now, most understand the importance of a toll free number, as it provides instant business credibility and professionalism, expansion nationally or internationally, and an increase in sales. However, such benefits would not be possible without the telephony features included with a toll free number. With over 20 advanced telephony features to choose from, businesses should at least take advantage of the most valuable ones. Call recording, auto attendant, and time-of-day routing are just a few.

Call Recording: What are the Benefits?

When call recording is applied to a toll free number, businesses gain advantages they would not have otherwise. With active call recording, your business is able to access:

  • Caller’s phone number
  • Recording of the call
  • Duration of the call
  • Date/time of call
  • Cost of the call

Having this information keeps you informed about not only your callers, but also your agents and your costs. Missed calls are no longer an issue. A toll free number will bring in information regardless.

Auto Attendant: How Can this Benefit My Business?

Auto attendant is a great way to project a professional image on top of your toll free number. Although it can help add value to businesses of all sizes, SMBs benefit greatly from the efficiencies created for their call traffic. This customized answering service gives businesses the ability to greet customers with a pre-determined message. This message can be easily changed and personalized to correspond with holidays, current promotions, non-business hours or anything else your organization finds important.

Auto attendant can also be combined with the IVR (interactive voice response) feature, allowing callers to be transferred seamlessly to their desired, selected destination. Lastly, auto attendant is a great solution for avoiding missed calls. When all agents are busy assisting other callers, the auto attendant feature can keep new callers busy before transferring them over to the appropriate representative.

Time-of-Day Routing: What is it and How Does it Work?

This feature is extremely helpful for those who need to automatically and seamlessly forward calls to multiple devices in one day. Small business owners on-the-go or large businesses with multiple call centers and/or offices can take advantage of time-of-day routing. This feature enables you to set multiple forwarding rules in respect to the time of day, day of the week, or specific dates throughout the year.
For example: you need calls to be delivered to your main office 8AM – 5PM but during non-business hours to be sent to your cell phone. Time-of-day routing can achieve this effortlessly and effectively.

Regardless of your specifications, time-of-day routing can make introduce this benefit to your business.

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