VoIP Solutions for International Businesses

Gone are the days when only the biggest companies could afford to go global. With VoIP for business solutions available at affordable rates, businesses of all sizes can communicate with prospects and customers around the world.

Before the VoIP for business revolution, large multinational corporations were the only companies who could afford to go global. That’s because these businesses had to open physical offices in markets where their international prospects and customers were.¬†In addition to the costs of opening a new office location, these companies then had to purchase¬†communications equipment from local vendors and negotiate calling rates with in-country carriers.

Today, businesses of all sizes can use cloud communications and VoIP solutions to achieve global reach. But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still hurdles to be faced.

In this post, we explore some of the most common obstacles that businesses face when trying to achieve global reach or communicate with international customers, and how they can be solved with VoIP business solutions.

Your business needs to communicate with customers in multiple countries outside of your own.

Consider a business based in Hyderabad, India. This company has customers in the United States and the United Kingdom, and the owner wants to make sure that his customers can call his business without trying to dial internationally.

The solution: international toll free phone numbers. The company based in India would simply purchase a US toll free number and a UK toll free number; using international call forwarding, the company would then route calls to those numbers back to the number or device of their choosing. The US and UK customers call the business based in India at no charge to them.

Your company has an on-site PBX, and you want to preserve the investment.

Technology changes quickly, and it can be hard to keep up. If your business purchased an on-site PBX system, only to find that the next best thing has come along, you are far from alone.

Many businesses do not want to forfeit the investment that they already made in a legacy phone system and make the move to VoIP for business. For these companies, there are options.

Many business VoIP providers offer cost-effective solutions for connecting legacy PBX technology to the cloud, allowing businesses to maximize their existing equipment and reap the benefits of VoIP for business.

For example, CallForwarding.com recommends VoIP gateway solutions for businesses that want to maintain their existing PBX and leverage VoIP solutions.

You need a communications solution that will keep up with your business’s growth.

Traditional communications solutions require physical hardware and equipment. Aside from the initial setup, your business will have to purchase equipment for every new hire. And with the time that it takes to install new hardware (plus the cost of the equipment itself), on-site telephony solutions just aren’t scalable enough for growing businesses.

With VoIP solutions for business, it’s easy to add new extensions or users to your phone system. All you have to do is contact your VoIP provider, and they handle the rest.

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