International Toll Free Forwarding for Small Businesses

International toll free forwarding is an effective solution to expanding small businesses. In fact, when implementing international toll free forwarding to a business, it:

  • Grants instant global presence
  • Increases its customer base
  • Improves its customer service
  • Enhances its business image

How Does International Toll Free Forwarding Work?

International toll free forwarding is a simple concept. When you purchase a business international toll free number, you are automatically given the ability to set up the toll free forwarding feature. With this feature, your business can forward (or send) calls made on the toll free number anywhere in the world. In other words, your customers, anywhere in the world, can reach your business, at no charge to them. Additionally, such calls can be forwarded to various devices—landline, mobile or SIP phone or a PBX system—working with your business needs.

How Does International Toll Free Forwarding Help Small Business Specifically?

It should come as no surprise that small businesses face more hurdles than its larger, more established competitors. Small (and even medium-sized) businesses often face:

  • Inconsistent capital
  • Smaller budgets
  • Limited resources
  • Unstable workforce (high turnover)

Despite its difficulties, small businesses still need to operate competitively. With that being said, small businesses must find a way to stay competitive, if not ahead.  International toll free forwarding can help with just that. Instead of waiting for enough capital to expand internationally, international toll free forwarding allows you to be anywhere in the world with a small investment. No longer does your business have to wait for more capital or more resources, it can now be across the global in a matter of minutes.

How Do You Set Up International Toll Free Forwarding?

Setting up international toll free forwarding is as simple as:

  1. Choosing a toll free service provider
  2. Purchasing one or several international toll free numbers
  3. Point each to land to a certain destination, or a number of destinations

For example: If your business requires an US and Australia toll free number, but needs calls made to the US toll free number to land on your mobile phone and calls on the Australia toll free number to go to your India call center SIP phones, then perfect – can do it!

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