Toll Free Forwarding Provides International Accessibility

Toll free forwarding

Toll free forwarding gives businesses around the world the ability to connect effortlessly with their international customers. Toll free forwarding is a service that can be utilized among varied countries, especially those that make the most business sense for you. This service is a very profitable investment. Toll free forwarding is incredibly affordable (relative to physically relocating or opening a new voice). It gives companies the ability to be highly accessible.

Toll Free Forwarding Makes Businesses Accessible.

Accessibility is of great value for companies that operate in international markets. These companies don’t worry about the costs associated with opening a new international office. These costs are not financially realistic for most companies. The virtual presence they gain with toll free forwarding is extremely comparable. Your customer service, technical support, and sales teams can all be “present.” This is true even when a customer calls from a different country or continent. Having this instant existence gives your business the opportunity to expand and increase sales as you gain a bigger world presence.

Toll Free Forwarding Cuts Down on Costs.

Toll free forwarding enables you to be anywhere in the world without moving or investing in expensive assets such as infrastructure and hardware. Toll free forwarding also allows your prospective and existing customers to save. This is made possible by eliminating expensive international calling fees and by providing a local, free number. They can contact you directly on this free number. As a result, this encourages more prospects to call, and will ultimately increase sales opportunities. Additionally, because toll free forwarding occurs in the cloud, all hardware and maintenance is avoided.

Toll Free Forwarding Gives You Free Advanced Features.

Although this is not standard with every provider, gives its customers an array of free advanced features. These features come with each toll free number purchase. Toll free forwarding features such as:

  • Auto Attendant/IVR
  • Time-of-Day Routing
  • Call Recording and
  • Voicemail to Email

All of them can add value to a company whether it be in respect to its operations, customer support, or call center productivity.

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