International Toll Free Number: Why Get It?

How does it work?

International toll free service (ITFS)  is country specific. ITFS requires international toll free numbers for each country. Thus, one international toll free number will not allow your customers in both India and Taiwan to call the same number–each must have their own toll free number. This is one downside to the ITFS, but the rewards are much greater. Keep reading…

How does it help?

International toll free service (ITFS) can serve as an extremely useful tool in helping establish local appeal and presence for customers abroad. Often referred to as an international freephone number, international toll free numbers present many advantages for your business. With international toll free service, you provide customers, from all corners of the world, with the ability to reach your business not only easily but also at no cost. In turn, your customers are more inclined to call, resulting in more business opportunities from both prospective and current customers.

Aside from providing customers with a toll free number that is at no cost to them and enabling global reach for your business, an international toll free number creates credibility for your business. Having your business elude both credibility and reliability has a tremendously positive impact on the international market’s decision making process. Without established trust, there would be no reason for a customer to choose your company, thousands of miles away, versus one located twenty minutes away. To ensure that your business is chosen over another, provide customers with an ITFS and make reaching your business simple.

 How do get ITFS?

At we make it easy to get toll free numbers. We have over 100 international toll free numbers to choose from and let you forward your new toll free numbers anywhere–landline, mobile, pbx, or sip extension! In order to best cater to our customers’ needs, we offer several different plans, complimentary calling features, and a 30 day risk-free trial, guaranteeing satisfactory call quality and connection.