How Soon Can I Start Using My Toll Free Number?

How Soon Can I Start Using My Toll Free Number? If you are purchasing a toll free number for your business, you will find that most toll free service providers can have your toll free number up and running within 72 hours.  Some immediately.  Each carrier has its own procedure for ordering numbers, which is why some numbers take longer to configure.

How Soon Can I Start Using My Toll Free Number?

If you have a business email address, proof of identity, and a valid credit card, and if you order a number in stock from a VoIP service provider, you can often get your number working immediately.

If you have to negotiate a method of payment or identity authentication, or if you order a specialized phone number, the process can take longer, depending on the toll free number service provider.    The setup process is generally the same.  Each service provider has its own procedure for ordering numbers, and that’s why some numbers take longer to configure.

There are two ways to get a toll free number: sign up online or speak to a sales rep over the phone.  Typically, your number is going to be ready much faster if you sign up online, including immediately if you have proof of identity, a business email address, and a valid credit card.  Most providers do now require a valid credit card and ID upon sign up in order to protect credit card owners against credit card theft.

When you order a specialized number that’s not in stock, the average set up time is around 72 hours depending on the providers.  However, even for the fastest of providers, numbers like Vanity Numbers can take up to 30 days to set up.  In some cases a provider may have to order you specified number, which means that they did not have the number you requested in stock.  Luckily, at CallForwarding, numbers are typically available the same day as purchase if a valid credit card, ID and business email have been provided.

Porting a Number From Another Provider

If you are porting a number from another provider, it impacts how soon you can start using your number.  When porting a US toll free number you have to go through a process called Resporg.  In the North America Numbering Plan, a Resporg is a company which maintains the registration for an individual toll free number.  By using the Resporg process, you are asking your current provider to transfer your number to another provider.  This process can take three to five days.  However if the current provider fights, Resporg it may take longer.

How Can I Receive Calls to My Toll Free Number?

After signing up for a toll free number, you may be wondering how you can receive calls placed to your toll free number.

The first step you’ll want to take is to log into your account and forward you toll free number to your land line number, to your cell phone number, or to your VoIP soft phone address.  After all, it is important that you are able to easily connect with your customers during the day, after hours, or while you are traveling.

With most providers, you can access your toll free number hosting account over a web interface from anywhere in the world.

For example,  you can login to your portal from the Sign-In button on the website,  shown here.

to Your Portal.

Then, as shown in this example, you can change your forwarding number.  This is also called your “ring to” number. That is the number where calls to your toll free number will be forwarded.  In this example, the toll free number owner had earlier sent calls to his Satellite Office while he was working at that location.

The toll free number owner changes the forwarding number to send calls to his regular laptop in his main office.  In about 6 clicks you can can have your new forwarding number. The change takes place immediately so that new calls arriving go to your new “ring to” number.  With call forwarding, calls can ring to multiple numbers in sequence to ensure that all customers needs are fulfilled.

With your online portal, you can quickly change your call forwarding number from anywhere you have Internet access.

With your online portal, you can quickly change your call forwarding number from anywhere you have Internet access.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to the set up time of your toll free number. If you are interested in receiving a specific time to receive a toll free number, speak with your provider for insight on what you may experience.