What Is a Virtual Number?

what is a virtual number

Many of the tasks once performed by dedicated hardware are migrating into software. One area where this is highly apparent is in the telephone industry. Once dominated by analogue-based devices, phones are now digital wonders that can perform a number of complex tasks. The virtual phone number is a prime example of this transformation. In…

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How Local Numbers Help Your Business

Local Phone Numbers

Although we frequently talk about the benefits of international toll free numbers,  local phone numbers can also help your business. Did you know that you can use local numbers internationally?  In this article, we’re going to discuss how local numbers can help your business. With the rise of international toll free numbers, many people seem…

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Call Forwarding to VoIP

VoIP calling allows you to provide your customers with easy access to your company’s representatives. VoIP is cost effective, allows for unlimited mobility, and offers additional features that traditional telephony doesn’t support.

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Hosted PBX Services Reap Abundant Business Benefits

Toll Free Numbers - hosted pbx

Hosted PBX services allow businesses to save money, be more productive, expand internationally and deliver satisfactory customer service. Businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of hosted PBX solutions to improve their business potential. Hosted PBX services eliminate the need for bulky and expensive call center equipment and enable the same quality telephony service for…

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Cut Costs While Improving Bottom Line with VoIP Toll Free Service

VoIP toll free service

VoIP toll free service enables your business to reach global customers using the Internet. It’s affordable, reliable and a much needed business. Your current phone system may very well be the reason your business hasn’t reach its full potential yet. VoIP toll free service is the most preferred phone system for businesses. It’s reliable, cost-saving…

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Use a Toll Free Number and Go Global Instantly

Business toll free number

Having a toll free number for your business can provide an array of benefits you could not easily gain otherwise. Sure you could invest a lot of money into relocating your business or opening multiple, international offices, but with a toll free number you can avoid all that hassle and still go global. By implementing…

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Guidelines for Acquiring a Toll Free Number

Us toll free numbers - toll free number

If your business needs to connect with potential or current customers overseas, acquiring a toll free number should be the first step. It’s an affordable and instant way to enable communication between you and your international customers. If you are unfamiliar with the process of purchasing a toll free number, this guideline will provide better…

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Call Forwarding: Communicate with Customers Effectively

Toll free forwarding - Call Forwarding - VoIP Telephone System

Call forwarding is a part of a larger and slightly more complex VoIP phone system. It’s one of the most beneficial business telephony features. Call forwarding enables you to communicate with your customers anywhere in the world. Call forwarding, or toll free forwarding, is a VoIP telephone service that automatically routes incoming calls to another…

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