How Many Extensions Can I Have?

When you purchase a toll free number, you’ll probably ask “how many extensions can I have?” We’ll answer that question here, and explore the specific capabilities and advantages you get when using multiple extensions.

How Many Extensions Can I Have?

Most VoIP providers who offer hosted VoIP service will let you have several extensions at no charge or at a small additional monthly fee. This usually is provided alongside an auto attendant feature that lets you answer and route calls to various extensions you create.

As an example, offers customers two free extensions with each of toll free number. With most providers, included, it’s easy to add additional extensions to your account for no cost or for a low monthly price. This allows you to easily scale up and grow your business, giving several people the ability to answer incoming calls. Most, like, offer “unlimited extensions”.

How to Use Your Extensions

Setting up your extensions will help make your toll free number easier to use and more efficient.  For example, each of your extensions can be programmed to have its own name and voicemail.

You can also program your number and extensions to have multiple people answering incoming calls with a sequential ringing feature offered by most VoIP service providers, included.  Incoming calls can be set up to ring to a predetermined list of extensions, allowing each person a chance to answer the call. This allows you set up multiple lines for your incoming calls.

You can also set each of your extensions to be answered through your IVR/Auto Attendant allowing for a completely flexible phone system. Combined with call recording and call forwarding features that you get with a hosted VoIP business phone system, this will help ensure that you never miss an important call again.

Getting-started businesses and small businesses use multiple extensions to convey an impression of being larger, well-organized business.  Enterprise customers have an absolute need for multiple extensions to provide individual phone numbers and voice mailboxes for each staff member. Customers both small and large take advantage of the basic extension-level features, including personalized greetings, call forwarding, time of day routing, voice mail, and call recording.