5 Tips for Improving Agent Quality Control Evaluations

We all know the old adage: what gets measured gets improved. The same rules apply when it comes to improving the performance of your call center and its individual agents. These 5 tips for improving agent quality control evaluations can help you refine how you measure performance and increase productivity.

The success of a call center is dependent on many factors. But like any business, your people are your most valuable asset. With these 5 tips for improving agent quality control evaluations, you can refine how you measure agent performance and improve call center operations.

Perform Frequent Quality Assurance Evaluations

As a call center manager, it is important to take the time to evaluate comprehensive quality assurance reports on a regular basis. These reports can provide you with valuable insights into average hold time, average call handling time, and more.

If you track these key performance indicators diligently, you’ll begin to see trends for the call center as well as for individual agents. With this information in hand, you can create clear, defined goals for improvement. Plus, you’ll be able to see if your existing quality assurance practices need to be adjusted.

Make the Most of Your Call Center Software

Most call center software solutions come with a host of features designed to help improve performance and productivity. As you work to improve your agent quality control evaluations, you’ll want to take advantage of these tools.

Features like call recording are especially helpful for call center managers who are pressed for time. Most call center software programs will save recorded calls for a set period of time, and allow you to download the files for future listening if need be. If you have the time to listen to calls as they happen, call monitoring is an especially effective way to evaluate and measure agent performance.

Gather Feedback from Customers and Employees

Reports are useful, but they aren’t the only source of insight when it comes to your call center’s performance. Actively seek out feedback from customers and employees as you work to improve quality assurance measures.

In order to gather feedback from customers, you may consider creating a short phone survey, and asking callers to answer a few short questions after the call is complete. To collect employee feedback, you can use any number of tools, including online surveys.

Prepare Your Quality Control Coaching Staff

Reports, customer feedback and call center software features are wonderful tools, but they won’t help you if they aren’t tied to a clear action plan. If you are set on improving agent quality control evaluations, it is important to train your management and coaching staff.

Make sure that your coaching team is providing timely, constructive, and consistent feedback. You may even want to implement an additional set of quality assurance measures for trainers. After all, your call center agents are only as good as the feedback that they receive.

Develop Strategies for Positive Reinforcement

In many cases, quality assurance measures are focused almost exclusively on improving sub-standard performance. However, it is important to recognize and reward your call center agents for the right behaviors as well.

As a call center manager, you can work with your agents to determine what kinds of rewards will drive performance, improve productivity and boost morale.

Quality Assurance in the Call Center

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