5 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Business Phone Service

If you’ve been frustrated with your current business phone service or system, it may be that your business has outgrown it.

Maybe you’ve had a hard time handling seasonal fluctuations in call volumes, or your current solution doesn’t have the integration capabilities you need.  Whatever the reason, you’re now facing a difficult question: is it time to get rid of my current business phone system and upgrade to a comprehensive, hosted contact center solution?   Here are the five warning signs to look for to determine if you’ve outgrown your traditional business phone system.

5 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Business Phone Service

1. You Can’t Manage Your Customer Service Properly

As your business grows,  you may find that your staff is working with more customers than they can handle.  Having more business opportunities is always good, but not being able to handle your business’s customer service requirements is not.

Your business phone system should be equipped to handle large call volumes without any issues.  This means not having calls drop so that your staff is able to answer every call and give amazing customer service, no matter how fast your company grows.

2.  You Need More Advanced Phone System Features

You may find that your current phone service is lacking traditional calling features that allow you to fully manage your customer needs.  Most virtual call center software solutions offer features like call recording, call forwarding and time of day routing.

However, with a traditional on-site call center, you typically have to purchase more software or equipment in order to add new calling features.  Adding something as simple as call recording can end up costing hundreds of dollars, or even more time and resources in installation and maintenance.

Virtual call center software offers all of the benefits of an on-site business phone or call center solution, but with none of the hassle of maintenance, upgrades, or optimization. Since virtual call center solutions are hosted by your provider, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

3. Your Current Call Center Technology is Limiting Your Growth

One of the most important elements of any successful business or call center is scalability.  If you have a traditional on-site call center or business phone system, scalability can be challenging.  You typically have to purchase more software and equipment in order to add new calling features.

With virtual call center software, you can easily scale.  Since the provider hosts all the technology,  you can add a new agent simply through the online portal.  This allows you to fully manage your call center.

4. Your Current Solution Has No Disaster Recovery Solution

If something goes wrong with your call center, and your network goes down, do you have options for disaster recovery?  If not, you may be able to talk to your current provider about what upgrades or add-ons could help you maintain business continuity in the event of an outage.

Another option is to explore hosted call center solutions that use fully redundant call routing and failover provisions to ensure call delivery.  A well-equipped call center solution is able to provide reliable call delivery through redundant routing and the use of multiple data centers.

5.  You’re Having Trouble Tracking KPI’s

As your business grows, you’ll realize the importance of keeping track of your calls. Common metrics should provide details like how many calls each employee is taking and how long the calls for will ensure that your company is equipped with only dedicated employees.

This way, you can reward your hard working employees and also identify what areas need improvement.  Your business software should be integrated so that you can access this information

If the problems listed above sound familiar, then you may want to seek out a virtual call center solution that can fully provide the capabilities and features that your business needs to grow without limits.

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