Support Your International Customers with Global Call Forwarding

Global call forwarding - International toll free numbers

Global Call Forwarding: a telephony service that enables you to receive calls from any international toll free. It also allows you to receive calls from local DID numbers directly to your existing landline, mobile, SIP or PBX device.

Your customers no longer have to dial expensive, international numbers to reach you. Global call forwarding provides a simpler and more efficient way of communicating with international customers. Global call forwarding gives your business a virtual presence anywhere in the world. This low-cost investment speaks for itself!

Global call forwarding:

  • Increases brand recognition globally
  • Improves customer engagement
  • Allows for remote employment
  • Expands business reach

Global Call Forwarding Increases Brand Recognition.

Global call forwarding uses international toll free numbers. Customers in one country can dial in to one number country-wide. This gives your business an easy way to advertise one number for all. Furthermore, for some international toll free numbers, vanity numbers are available. Vanity numbers are those that include the company name or benefit in it, like 1-800-FLOWERS. This is a brilliant marketing tool. Words in numbers remain in people’s memories. It makes it easier to recall your business contact number over those of your competitors.

Global Call Forwarding Allows for Remote Employment.

Global call forwarding grants your business a virtual presence anywhere in the world. It provides for your agents to have the same luxury. Remote call center agents are not physically present at your business location. Employing remote call center agents gives you several advantages.

Remote call centers:

  • Operate in any time zone as agents are spread out globally
  • Reduce/eliminate infrastructure and salary expenses
  • Gain international presence and customers

Virtual PBX is a cloud solution. Remote employees maintain the same capabilities as those working from the office. In fact, remote employees just need a computer and internet access.

Global Call Forwarding Expands International Reach.

There’s nothing better than taking your business global but staying within your budget. In fact, global call forwarding allows international expansion at extremely affordable pricing. Aside from price, global call forwarding awards your business with an international presence! Thus, this advantage increases the likelihood of sales and grants higher revenue.

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