Small Businesses, Call Forwarding, and Customer Service

Call forwarding

Call forwarding helps you provide excellent customer service, and you deserve the same from your service provider. In a recent article on, approximately 33% of surveyed small business owners reported significant customer service issues with their current phone or broadband providers. These issues included everything from extensive wait times while on hold to failures to resolve problems at all. Here at, we understand the importance of business communication. If you suffer from service reliability, then your business as a whole suffers.

Clear Calls Help You Focus on What’s Important.

Are you part of the third of small businesses dissatisfied with your phone provider? At we only use Tier 1 interconnects with tons of capacity. This means you can be sure that your calls will be forwarded clearly, leaving you with more time to focus on what matters most – your growing business! We also are committed to maximizing your growth potential and helping you every step of the way. Are you unsure of the benefits of call forwarding? Read below to learn more!

Call Forwarding Leads to Small Business Expansion.

Call forwarding is a valuable asset to any business. We know that as a business owner, you’re extremely busy, running to meetings, and working hard to make your business grow. Being accessible is imperative to helping expand your business. Around the clock accessibility can help you maximize your potential customer interaction. More prospect interaction means more opportunities for you to gain new customers. Do you have an international customer base? can provide you with a local toll-free number that makes it affordable for your customers to call you.

Enhanced Intelligent Routing Means Happy Clients.

Once you have won them over with your top notch products and services, continue to make your clients happy with unparalleled availability that is only achievable with excellent call forwarding. With you can easily set up forwarding rules for each of your phones using enhanced intelligent routing. Want to send calls to your home office after normal business hours? Do you need to forward your calls to your mobile while out of town for the week? Time of day routing lets you schedule exactly when and where you want each call to be sent. With enhanced intelligent routing, you’ll never miss an opportunity again!

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