How Much Does Call Tracking Software Cost?

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Call tracking is an essential piece of any successful marketing program. Without it, you have no way of knowing which of your marketing channels is driving your most profitable inbound calls. But if you have a tight marketing budget, you may be wondering if you can afford call tracking software.

Call tracking software is an important tool for businesses of all sizes. With call tracking, you can identify which of your marketing efforts is driving the most profitable inbound leads. But, is there room in your marketing budget for this essential tool?

In this call tracking software cost comparison, we review some of the top call tracking applications to help your business find the most effective and affordable option.

How Is Call Tracking Software Billed?

Like many Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, most call tracking software providers bill for this service as a subscription. Depending on the provider that you choose, you may find that charges for minute usage and phone numbers differ. Some call tracking providers include these charges in the monthly subscription, while others bill for them separately.

In most cases, call tracking software is a standalone applications that is separate from your business phone system. But, some business phone system providers, like AVOXI, actually include call tracking functionality within the phone system platform itself.

Call Tracking Software Cost Comparison

Explore the call tracking software cost and functionality offered by the following providers.

Pricing current as of October 2016.


CallRail provides its audience with three different call tracking packages, the Starter, the Pro, and the Elite.

The Starter package, which is $30 / month, includes:

  • Campaign tracking
  • Keyword & visitor tracking
  • Live Call Dashboard
  • Google Analytics / AdWords Integration
  • Call Recording
  • And more

They also provide users with 10 local phone numbers, 500 local minutes, and 100 text messages. Additional usage beyond these included items are charged at a per number / per minute basis.

The Pro package, which is $130 / month, has some additional features, like live call monitoring, custom logo and branding (for agencies in particular), and more numbers and usage.

The Starter package is affordable for most small to medium-sized businesses; if you want to give it a try, you can start with their 14-day free trial.


CallFire is a unique player in the call tracking software industry. Every package, from the Lite to the Pro, offers the same features. But, each package comes with a different amount of built-in usage.

For example, the Lite package, which is $99/month according to the CallFire website, comes with 2,500 minutes / texts. The Startup package, which is $199/month, comes with 5,500 minutes / texts.

All plans include:

  • Inbound call recording
  • Real-time reporting
  • Unlimited contacts
  • And more

All in all, it's a solution that it built for larger businesses that experience heavy inbound call traffic.

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CallTrackingMetrics is more like CallRail than CallFire. It offers a variety of packages, all of which include different price points for different feature sets.

For example: the Essential package, which costs $19/month, includes:

  • Google AdWords integration
  • Dynamic number insertion
  • Call recording & call whisper
  • Ability to track both online and offline ads

But unlike CallRail, CallTrackingMetrics does not include numbers and usage in its plans. With the Essential plan, local numbers cost $2.50 per month and toll free numbers cost $4.50 per month. Inbound and outbound calling rates vary.


2019 Update: AVOXI launched a new call management platform, AVOXI Genius. Check back for a more detailed update soon!

AVOXI Core is unlike any other call tracking application on this list. Unlike CallRail, CallFire, and CallTrackingMetrics, AVOXI Core call tracking is a feature included with the AVOXI Core cloud PBX platform.

AVOXI Core users can purchase numbers and add campaign tracking to every local and toll free number in their system; these campaign can then be integrated with both online and offline marketing campaigns using Google Analytics.

In addition to call tracking, the AVOXI Core cloud phone system platform includes:

  • Call recording
  • Hunt groups (ring groups)
  • Virtual attendant
  • Affordable international coverage
  • Online / offline campaign tracking
  • Google Analytics / AdWords integration

The pricing structure for the AVOXI Core call tracking feature is simple. It's just $5.00 per month per number to add this functionality. Bulk discounts are available for large pools of numbers, but it is important to note that usage is not included with this add-on fee.

Call Tracking Software Providers

As you can see from this list alone, there are many call tracking software providers on the market for businesses that want to better understand where their phone calls are coming from. Call tracking software cost and pricing models vary from provider to provider.

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