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Voice Termination 101 (2022)

Today’s business communications require dedicated voice services, which can mean comparing call origination and termination separately. You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for the information you need to make an informed decision about your VoIP service needs. Today we cover VoIP termination 101. CONTACT US We’re in the first quarter of 2022,…

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9 Signs Your PBX Needs an Upgrade

Companies don’t want to miss calls from customers, waste employee time, or overspend on outdated technology. In other words, no one wants to be stuck with an outdated PBX phone system! Here are nine signs your PBX system needs an update. We all think we’re up to date with technology until life proves us wrong.…

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31 Must-Know VoIP Trends for 2022

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VoIP is experiencing a lot of change. How prepared is your business for the new year? In order to prepare your customer experience strategy for 2022, we’ve gathered some of the most compelling statistics, VoIP use-cases, voice and cloud data, and future expectations for the industry. With customers expecting more from the brands they work…

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MS Teams Calling Plan vs Direct Routing (2021)

Last year, Microsoft Teams became increasingly popular as a phone system platform, and the trend is expected to continue in 2021. Even though Microsoft Calling Plans introduced cloud telephony to Teams, experts predict that 90% of enterprises will choose Direct Routing over Calling Plans by 2022. Exactly why do business leaders consistently prefer Direct Routing…

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SIP Trunk Pricing Guide 2021: Rate Comparisons & Cost Reduction Tips

There are few simple things in telecommunications, and SIP trunk pricing is no exception. But for telecom cost control, it’s worth the research! SIP trunk rate and service cost optimization is the fast, effective way to save huge amounts of money on telecom services. Learn how to acquire reliable, high-quality SIP trunking at affordable prices…

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How Much Does Call Tracking Software Cost?

Call tracking is an essential piece of any successful marketing program. Without it, you have no way of knowing which of your marketing channels is driving your most profitable inbound calls. But if you have a tight marketing budget, you may be wondering if you can afford call tracking software. Call tracking software is an…

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