How Do Japan Toll Free Numbers Work?

How do Japan toll free numbers work?  If you are looking to purchase a Japan toll free number for your business, you might find yourself wondering. Here we explain the capabilities and functionalities of a Japan toll free number, along with restrictions to note.

How Do Japan Toll Free Numbers Work?

There are several different types of toll free numbers available in Japan.  Here we’ll explain a popular international toll free number, the 00531 number as our Japan toll free number.

Japan toll free numbers start with 00531 followed by six digits:

00531 XX XXXX

These numbers can be forwarded anywhere in the world from your landline, mobile or IP address.  Utilizing toll free numbers in Japan can help you establish a presence in the market without having to expense the cost of opening and staffing an office in Japan.

City in Japan. Japan toll free numbers let customers all across Japan call you.

Accessibility and Restrictions

With the large amount of toll free numbers on the market, there are often questions about the capabilities and restrictions accosted with specific numbers.  Restrictions vary based on the country which they are located.

Mobile Access – Can Mobile Phones Call Your Japan Toll Free Number?

Japan 00531 toll free numbers are accessible from the following mobile networks within Japan:

  • NTT DoCoMo,
  • Au,
  • J-Phone,
  • Tu-ka.

Customers must register with KDDI for international calls beforehand.  There are no mobile surcharges for Japan toll free numbers.

IP Phone Access

There is no access from IP Phones except from KDDI IP Phones for 00531 Japan toll free numbers.

Payphone Access – Can Customers Call the Toll Free Number from a Payphone?

Some but not all payphones in Japan can call your toll free number.  Others are blocked.  Both Green and Gray payphones and Silver IC Card payphones will be able to call your 00531 Japan toll free number.

How Do Japan Toll Free Numbers Really Work?

Incoming calls to your Japan toll free number can be forwarded by your VoIP service provider  to  your landline, your mobile device, or to a soft phone software application running on your laptop by VoIP (voice over IP).

There is no cost to the caller.

You pay a small originating fixed rate per minute for the call, plus a small termination fee that depends on whether you forward the call to your laptop, cell phone, or land line.

Your rate per minute (RPM) will vary depending on the answering device and your location (the terminating country). VoIP calls to your laptop are almost always less expensive than calls sent to a landline or mobile device.

What Features Will I Receive with My Japan Toll Free Number?

Typically, your VoIP service provider will have a long list of free features included with your Japan toll free numbers.

These typically include popular capabilities, such as: auto attendant, IVR, time of day routing, sequential ringing, two free extensions, voicemail/web voicemail, fax to email, user self-care portal and call recording.

These features can be accessed to set and adjust in a web-based user portal.  For example, you can change your call forwarding rules to send after hours calls to your voicemail, or change the number where calls will be forwarded while you are on travel.

If your business has not utilized the power of a toll free number, it is important to consider the benefits for your callers and your company.   Japan toll free numbers enables remote employment as well as instant, convenient and affordable international communication.