5 Reasons to Move Your Hotel Phone System to the Cloud

Hotel and resort industries worldwide are recognizing the benefits of moving their phone systems to the cloud.  For the hospitality industry in particular, the cloud offers substantial benefits that can help shape exceptional guest experiences.  In this article, we’ll discuss the five reasons to move your hotel phone system to the cloud.

Hotels and resorts face a number of unique challenges, such as high fixed costs and variable income, which are only made worse by seasonal fluctuations and ever-increasing guest expectations.  Although you may face a wide range of challenges on a daily basis, there are some big issues you can overcome when you move your hotel phone system to the cloud.

Reduce Your Communication Costs

Cloud computing is an increasingly popular way for businesses to communicate and the benefits are plentiful.  One of the biggest reasons for hotel owners to switch to a cloud-based phone system is that it will cut down on your monthly phone bill substantially.  Unlike a traditional, on-site phone system, which requires a substantial upfront investment, cloud-based phone systems typically fit a subscription model.  You’ll only pay a flat monthly rate for the phone system, plus a low per-minute fee for all calls routed through your system.

Calling Features

Good communication is at the heart of every successful hotel.  With cloud calling features like call forwarding and time-of-day routing, you can run your hotel more efficiently and ensure guest satisfaction.

In addition to advanced call routing features,  a cloud-based phone system usually comes with helpful tools like call recording, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), sequential ringing, auto attendant, and even web-based voicemail.

Eliminate On-Site Hardware

Maintaing a traditional hotel phone system can end up costing you thousands of dollars in hardware, IT maintenance, upgrades and replacements.  Because a cloud phone system runs over the Internet, you don’t have to worry about these additional costs.

Not only does a cloud phone system help you save money on upfront capital investment,  you’ll also have a more reliable system because your cloud provider will be responsible for the upgrades to your system.  By leveraging the power of the cloud, hoteliers have the opportunity to cut unnecessary costs, but still offer an exceptional guest experience.

Maintain Multiple Hotel Locations

Many hotels have multiple locations and may have a hard time managing traditional phone systems because they’re not unified.  With a cloud-based phone system, this is not an issue. Each of your hotel locations is connected through the same cloud phone system.

And since a cloud phone system operates entirely over the Internet, you’ll also have a wide range of reliable disaster recovery options.  With fully redundant call routing and failover provisions, including SIP to SIP failover, you’ll never have to worry about missing a guest call again.

Cloud-Phone Systems Expand With You

Business growth can be hard to anticipate and plan for, especially if you’re a smaller hotel.  If you do expand and need to add multiple employees, you can do this with a cloud phone system.  You can easily add a new phone number or extension without having to worry about capacity limits – you can add as many lines as your company needs.

Hotel cloud phone systems offer all the same features of traditional phone systems, usually at a lower overall cost.  Even basic levels of cloud service generally come with a variety of customizable features, including auto attendant, call forwarding, customizable voicemail and more.

So, what are you waiting for?  Position your hotel phone system in the cloud to deliver a next-generation hotel guest experience.