Local Presence Dialing

What is local presence dialing in telecom, and how are they used? Learn all you need to know about local presence dialing here.

What is a local presence dialing?

Local presence dialing, or local voice termination, is a telecom service where businesses can control their caller ID that shows for their call recipients. This allows businesses dial outbound calls while appearing to be from the same local area code as the call recipient. Calling prospects with local presence dramatically increases a company's contact rate, or the percentage of outbound calls that are answered by prospects. In theory, when call recipients see their local caller ID, they'll be more likely to answer - and your sales rep or customer service representative will be more likely to close a deal.

Benefits of local caller ID service

Why are so many companies taking advantage of local presence dialing? Here are the most notable benefits of local presence dialing.

Familiarity: When your team reaches prospects from a local number, you’re implying to those prospects that your business belongs in the hometown of their mind, and they can belong with you, too.

Call Quality: If you’re running call operations in several countries, choosing a VoIP service provider with local presence dialing is a better choice for call quality than contracting with local carriers and relying on the PSTN.

Returned Calls: When call recipients miss a call from a local number, they’re more likely to call it back. If your business does international outreach, you already know how important local caller ID is if you ever want prospects you miss to call you back.

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