Why You Should Invest in a VoIP Phone System

Today, most business owners understand the benefits of the cloud. They use cloud storage applications to house important files, host their CRM (customer relationship management) platforms in the cloud, and even use cloud-based project management tools to complete everyday tasks. But, many businesses still hesitate when it comes to making the switch to a VoIP phone system.

Is your company still trying to decide whether or not to make the switch to a cloud-based phone system? We’re here to present just a few of the benefits of making this change to your communications platform. In this post, we discuss 5 reasons why it’s time to invest in a VoIP phone system for business, and how cloud communications can help you grow your company.

1. VoIP phone systems are more cost-effective than on-premise solutions.

Traditional, on-premise phone systems require substantial upfront investment. There’s the cost of hardware, installation, and of course, ongoing maintenance and upgrades. And most startups and small businesses simply don’t have the budget for this kind of solution.

VoIP phone systems require absolutely no capital investment; because this kind of solution is hosted in the cloud, your business is only responsible for a flat monthly cost per user and the calling minutes used. There is no need to purchase pricy hardware or equipment, so that means that there is no added expense for maintenance, either.

2. No more hardware or maintenance.

VoIP phone systems are hosted in the cloud. That means that all you need to get started is a laptop and a reliable Internet connection. You can access all of your calling features and setup through a simple, browser-based dashboard.

And since VoIP phone systems are hosted and maintained by your provider, your business isn’t responsible for maintenance or upgrades. That means that your business saves money that would have been spent on equipment, and time on repairs and routine maintenance checks.

3. Access your VoIP phone system platform from anywhere.

You can access your VoIP phone system’s control panel online, which means that you can be connected anywhere that you have an Internet connection. You can even configure your incoming calls to ring to your mobile phone after hours, so you’ll never miss a customer call again.

4. VoIP phone service providers offer built-in disaster recovery options.

Whether you’re running a startup or an enterprise-level business, you just can’t afford downtime. With an on-premise system, all of your communications equipment is housed in a physical location. And if something like a flood or fire occurs, your phone system (and your business) will be offline.

Since VoIP phone systems are hosted in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about unexpected outages due to natural disaster. Reliable VoIP service providers use advanced network management tools to detect potential failures in the hosted network before they occur, and also use multiple data centers to ensure that no single failure stops your phone service.

5. Experience limitless scalability.

Looking to grow your business in the next few days, months, or years? A VoIP phone system is definitely the right choice for you.

One of the most important advantages to cloud-based phone systems is the ability to quickly and easily scale your workforce. To add new employees to your system, all you have to do is contact your provider and request additional seats or extensions. Your provider will deploy them for you, making it easy for your new employees to get started.

Plus, the cost per seat or extension typically decreases as you add more employees; so, you’ll actually save money as you scale.

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