What Is Dynamic Call Tracking?

Do you really know where your leads are coming from? With dynamic call tracking, you can identify exactly where your leads are coming from by displaying different phone numbers for unique campaigns and geographic regions. Learn how you can use dynamic number insertion to better measure track your marketing campaigns.

As a marketer, it’s not enough to bring in leads. You need to know exactly where those leads are coming from so that you can provide consistent results from your marketing campaigns. While many SEO and SEM marketers are able to track web conversion and click-throughs through form fills, countless others have no idea where their phone calls are coming from.

Dynamic call tracking, which uses dynamic number insertion to display different numbers to different audiences, allows these marketers to clearly identify where their phone leads are coming from.

What Is Dynamic Number Insertion?

Dynamic number insertion is a call tracking strategy that is used to measure the impact of digital marketing efforts on inbound calls. This technique is often used to track the success of individual marketing campaigns. But, it can also be used to display a specific number to website visitors in specific geographic locations.

How Does Dynamic Number Insertion Work?

Dynamic number insertion is very easy to set up. You simply add a single line of Javascript to every page on your website. Then, you tie different phone numbers to specific lead sources (or locations, depending on your marketing goals.) The Javascript detects the source or location, and automatically swaps out the phone number, allowing you to track where your phone calls are coming from.

Dynamic Call Tracking and International Toll Free Numbers

Let’s say that your business caters to prospects and customers in several different countries. You want to be able to track calls by country, but you don’t want to show every phone number for every country on your website.

So, how do you use your international toll free numbers to market to specific geographic locations?

It’s simple. Instead of tying each number to a different lead source, associate them with their correct countries. The Javascript will detect the location of the lead based on IP address, and display the correct number.

Here’s a real life example:

You are the owner of a growing SEO company in Germany. The business has grown quickly, and you have clients around the world. So far, you’ve had the most success gaining clients in Australia and India, so you buy international toll free numbers for those countries. (These numbers let your customers contact you at no charge to them.)

With dynamic call tracking and number insertion, you can display the Australia toll free number to your Australia customers, and the India toll free number to your India customers.

Toll Free Numbers and Marketing Campaigns

Whether you want to track the lead source or country of origin of your inbound phone calls, dynamic call tracking is a great solution for your business. For more information on how to use your toll free numbers for better marketing, check out these related articles.


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