VoIP for Small and Medium Businesses

Small and medium businesses, also known as SMBs, are always looking for ways to cut costs—then again, what business isn’t! Small and medium businesses are able to cut costs and operate more efficiently when VoIP  (Voice over IP) is used as the chosen telephony for their business. The premise of VoIP is straightforward: instead of using telephone lines to perform your phone calls, you use the Internet.  After all, the most expensive thing about phone service is the charges made per minute.

VoIP service differs from a regular telephone—VoIP treats phone conversations as data passing through your IP network, and with broadband being, relatively speaking, cheap and easy to acquire, VoIP appeals to businesses because it enables them to cut costs and be more resourceful with existing assets.

Enabling VoIP allows your business to use the same call features one can use via a regular telephone line. Common business features for VoIP service includes voicemail, caller ID, conferencing, and call forwarding. Another neat feature that can be incorporated for VoIP is voicemail to email. This feature allows for voicemail messages to be delivered as a a voice file directly to your desired email address. These features, plus more are offered to businesses via VoIP service is acquired from CallForwarding.com.