The Power of Call Forwarding

What’s the big deal about call forwarding anyway? For starters, call forwarding can help ensure that important business or customer service calls aren’t missed or don’t slip through the cracks. Instead of a busy signal, no answer or an out-of-office message, customers can be forwarded to a live representative – or you, if the call is that important.
Let’s look at some of the benefits call forwarding can offer your business.

By forwarding calls to an alternate number, you can ensure that customers have access to you when they need you. Current technology allows calls to be quickly and easily forwarded to any cell phone, landline or web address. Also, call routing options make it possible to divert calls based on time of day, time of year, geographic or other parameters.

Call forwarding can allow your business to establish a presence in a country in which you might not have an office. With either an international toll free number or a local number that is then forwarded to a home office, your business can build a presence and establish credibility with local customers.

The many different options for call forwarding offer flexibility in your company’s approach to how, when and where calls will be answered. Because calls can be forwarded to any landline, mobile phone or web address, you have multiple options as to what phone will ring when a call comes through. With enhanced features, such as time of day routing, calls can be routed to different phones through the day and night. Again, helping to ensure customers are always connected with a live representative rather than listening to a message directing them to call back during ‘regular business hours’.

So you see, call forwarding can be a very powerful tool for your business. Whether it is helping elevate customer service, establishing a presence in another country or simply expanding business hours, call forwarding give you enhanced accessibility, visibility and flexibility to drive your bottom line to new heights.