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What are the Benefits of Using SIP for VoIP?

VoIP is a powerful tool that provides seamless connectivity between businesses, customers, and remote employees.  And with the addition of SIP services, businesses have the ability to grow quickly and easily while cutting communications costs.  In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using SIP for VoIP  and how it can further streamline your cloud communications infrastructure.…

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Remote Employment Made Easy with VoIP


Remote employment with VoIP is a recent trend that is likely to stick around for some time. As it spreads across all four corners of the world, remote employment often is a cheaper option to supporting a company’s call center. There’s no easier or more reliable way to implement remote employment to your business than…

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Cloud PBX: How Does it Work?

If you are looking to improve your business telephony technologies and reduce costs, the best option to consider is employing a cloud PBX system. This hosted solution is affordable, easy to install and even simpler to maintain. This system works faster and better than an on-premise PBX, which is also typically more expensive to uphold.…

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Free Australia Number Supports Business Abroad

Free Australia Number - VoIP Evoloution - new technology replaces land lines.

Free Australia number is the same as an Australian toll free number. It allows businesses to conveniently and affordably connect with their customers in Australia regardless of their own location. In other words, a business can be located anywhere in the world and still maintain communication with Australian customers. The greatest things about a free…

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What are SIP, VoIP and PBX?

SIP, VoIP and PBX are various telephony technologies which have completely redefined telecommunication capabilities. With an increase in SIP and VoIP consumption, businesses are leveraging the way they communicate with customers to benefit their competence and reputation.  Several studies highlight exactly how in-demand these three cloud technologies have become – and it doesn’t look to…

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Global call forwarding Benefits Businesses

Best Headsets for VoIP

Global call forwarding in telephony is a feature which allows an incoming call to a called party to be redirected to a third party. Enabling global call forwarding for your business can be a tremendous investment. Whether you are a small startup or more established company, global call forwarding will allow you to establish a…

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International Toll Free Numbers via VoIP

International toll free numbers

International toll free numbers are available for over 100 countries worldwide. They make business abroad easier than ever! In today’s world, VoIP (voice over IP) works via Internet allowing your customers to reach you regardless of your or their location. Implementing international toll free numbers to your business offers many benefits. International Toll Free Numbers…

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Save with SIP (Toll Free Forwarding)

Toll free fowarding allows businesses to send incoming calls to any landline, mobile, or SIP worldwide! Although mobile and landline toll free forwarding are available, the cheapest option is to send calls to SIP. Save Money When Forwarding to SIP There’s nothing better than saving money, right? Now, you can save more money and gain…

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