Your Business and Call Forwarding

The rapidly expanding global market place is forcing more and more businesses, including smaller businesses, to reach out to international markets. One of the best ways to do this is by establishing a virtual presence in targeted countries through offering local or toll free phone numbers to your potential customers. Customers are more likely to dial a local or toll free number rather than dialing an international number. It’s also easier to project a local presence with local phone numbers, which is a growing trend across the world today.

Your business may not have the complex organizational structure of a large corporation; but with call forwarding your customers never have to know that. Callers need dial only one number and can be automatically connected to the appropriate person, no matter where your employees are located.

In combination with call forwarding, a virtual phone system can be set up so that certain extensions will forward to different numbers throughout the day. So if there are employees in different time zones, this tool can be used to field calls past the allotted business hours. The calls can also be sent directly to voicemail during non-office hours, which is of particular importance if calls are being forwarded to a cell phone.

However, some customers find voice mail impersonal and may not have confidence that their message will be kept private or responded to promptly. With call-forwarding systems that use multiple numbers, an employee can set up a personal voice mail message on the last number, such as a cell phone.

Because call forwarding can direct phone calls to an employee’s cell phone, it increases employee mobility without reducing communication. This makes it easier for employees to travel, whether on an extended international trip or simply stepping out of the office for a few minutes, without the risk of missing an important call.

One of the biggest benefits of call forwarding is that it makes key personnel available even when they are out of the office. Call forwarding helps your business answer as many customer calls as possible, regardless of employee location.