How to Avoid Problems Setting Up Your International Toll Free Number

International toll free numbers have become an essential resource for global businesses. They are convenient for your customers because they are free to dial, and they’re a great marketing tool for businesses big and small.  But if you’ve never used one before, you may have problems setting up your international toll free number.

International toll free numbers are fairly easy to configure.  But, if your business is a first time user, or you are getting an international toll free number in a new country, you may run into some complications.

To help your business expand globally without limitations, we’ve gathered some of the most common customer problems with setting up an international toll free number.  Read on for our best troubleshooting tips for these issues.

You don’t have a local business address

Some countries require that you provide proof of a local business address before you can purchase an international toll free number for that country.  Although this is typically the exception and not the rule, some countries may even ask you to provide a Letter of Intent that describes your business and how you plan to use your number before allowing you to buy it. This can be extremely frustrating for businesses that want to buy an international toll free number because they don’t have a local office in that market.

But, there are solutions!  Depending on the country for which you plan to purchase an international toll free number, you may be able to get a local phone number instead.  While local virtual numbers are not free to call, they typically cost no more than a local call in the area.

Your toll free number provider can help you explore additional options if you run into this particular problem.

You’re still waiting to receive the phone number from your provider

In many cases, you can buy a toll free number and start receiving calls within minutes.  But, depending on the country for which you’ve requested a number, the process may be a little more complicated.

One reason for this is that some in-country carriers exercise the right to assign international toll free numbers on a case by case basis.  That means that most commercial providers can’t keep these numbers in stock; they have to act as the liaison between you and the in-country carrier to get the number for you.

This is why it is very important to discuss any potential delays with your provider.  You don’t want to share your number to your customers only to find that your number isn’t immediately available for use.

Customer calls are forwarding to the wrong number or device

When you get your international toll free number, one of the first things you’ll do is choose the number or device that you want those calls to ring to.  (In the shopping cart, you make this selection before you even purchase the number.)

If this configuration is not part of the initial setup process, or you wish to change the ring to number, you can usually set this forwarding rule up in your user care portal or user dashboard.

If you find that your phone calls are going to the wrong number, you’ll want to check your forwarding settings first.  If everything is configured correctly from your user care portal, contact your toll free number provider.

Customers aren’t dialing your number correctly

International toll free numbers are formatted differently based on its country of origin.  Although most in-country customers are able to identify toll free numbers for their region as free to call, the specific formatting can be confusing to others.

That’s why it is important to educate your customers on how to dial the number, or to make sure that the phone number is formatted like other numbers in the geographic area.  For example, if your customers need to dial a country code in addition to the number itself, be sure to make note of this on your website and your marketing materials.

Troubleshooting Problems Setting Up Your International Toll Free Number

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