How Much Do Germany Toll Free Numbers Cost?

How much do Germany toll free numbers cost? Most providers offer Germany toll free numbers at an affordable monthly price. The per-minute calling costs will depend on how and where you terminate the call. VoIP termination will be least expensive, and terminating to a cell phone, although most popular, will be the most expensive.

What Does a Germany Toll Free Number Look Like?

Years ago, German toll free numbers began with the prefix 0130, but this has since changed.
Today, Germany Toll Free numbers start with a 0800 followed by seven digits, in the form shown following.


Germany toll free numbers are popular for business use and are easy to obtain. Many VoIP service providers stock Germany ITFS (international toll free) numbers. These numbers are free to call for persons within Germany. Calls to these numbers can be forwarded to mobile, landline, and soft phones located nearly anywhere.

Where Can I Forward Calls to My Germany Toll Free Number?

You already know that your incoming calls will originate in Germany, but what about the location of where the calls will be sent? This location is often referred to as the “terminating country.”

Your rate per minute will vary depending on device used to receive the call and on the terminating country.  For example, if a customer calls your Germany toll free number and the call is sent to a phone in Singapore, the rate per minute will be more than or less than the cost if the call were sent to a phone in the UK or United States.

Within any terminating country, calls that are forwarded to VoIP are always cheaper than calls forwarded to landline or mobile.

How Will I Answer Germany Toll Free Calls?

Voip Landline Cell Phone_

Incoming calls to your German toll free number can be sent to VoIP, landline, or to your mobile device. VoIP means that you can receive the call on an IP phone or on your laptop, using a soft phone. Your rate per minute (RPM) will vary depending on the answering device and your location (the terminating country).  VoIP calls are almost always less expensive than calls sent to a landline or mobile device.

So, How Much Will My Germany Toll Free Number Cost?

Most providers offer pay-as-you go plans, where you pay only for the minutes you actually use. You may find that some providers also offer bundled minute packages. Bundled minutes come with a specific amount of calling minutes each month. If you were to go over the minutes in your bundled package, you would be charged for each additional minute used at a separate rate.

The monthly charge for a Germany toll free number could be between $15.00 to $50.00, depending on your choice of service provider. Listed below are some of the most popular terminating countries, as examples.

For each of these countries, you’ll find an estimated rate per minute for calls terminating to VoIP, landline, and mobile. Of course, your RPM and monthly charge will vary depending on your choice of service provider.

How Much Do Germany Toll Free Numbers Cost Image

What Features Will I Get?

The long list of free features included with your Germany toll free numbers includes such popular capabilities as these:  auto attendant, IVR,  time of day routing, sequential ringing, two free extensions, voicemail/web voicemail, fax to email, user self-care portal and call recording.  You should expect to be able to set and adjust these features from a web-based user portal. For example, you can change your call forwarding rules to send after hours calls to your voicemail, or change the number where calls will be forwarded while you are on travel.

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