How Do Australia Toll Free Numbers Work?

How do Australia toll free numbers work?  If you are considering a Australia toll free number for your company you may be wondering this very question.   Australia toll free numbers allow potential and current customers to reach your business throughout the country.  In this article we will highlight the functionality and accessibility of an Australian toll free number.

How Do Australia Toll Free Numbers Work?

Australia toll free numbers are ITFS numbers (International Toll Free Number Service) that can be forwarded to your laptop, mobile phone or landline.  Your rate per minute (RPM) will vary depending on the device in which you answer the call. VoIP calls are almost always cost less than calls sent to a landline or mobile device.

What Does a Australia Toll Free Number Look Like?

Australia toll free numbers start with 800 and are ten digits long.

– 1 800 XXX XXX

Australia toll free numbers are available to help attract new clientele and support your business. 1800 numbers offer a national free call to the caller, with the cost being covered by the recipient.  Australia 1800 numbers can be dialed from both landlines and mobile phones.

What About Australia 1300 Numbers?

Some companies also offer Australia 1300 toll free numbers that service local and mobile phone calls. Australia 1300 toll free numbers are not free for callers, instead the cost is shared between the caller and the recipient.

1800– Are paid by the business owner of the number and are free for the caller.

1300– Costs are shared between the caller and the business.

CallForwarding currently offers a variety of Australia 1800 numbers but does not currently offer Australia 1300 numbers for businesses.


Australia Toll Free Numbers Accessibility

Australian 800 numbers are accessible from any phone and from most mobile networks although this depends on the network.  Australia toll free numbers are accessible from all payphones.  When roaming, Australia 800 numbers are usually accessible but this is not guaranteed.  Australia ITFS includes Tasmania, an Australian island and state located 150 miles south of the eastern side of the continent. Australia ITFS includes Christmas Island, an Australian territory located in the Indian Ocean approximately 1,600 miles northwest of the Western Australian city of Perth.  Australia ITFS includes the Coco Islands, an Australian territory located in the Indian Ocean, halfway between Australia and Sri Lanka.

What Features Come with Your Australia Toll Free Number?

Your Australia toll free number is much more than just a phone number. Toll free numbers come with a large list of capabilities that help manage your call operations and optimize your customer experience.  Typically toll free numbers include popular capabilities such as:  auto attendant, time of day routing, sequential ringing, free extensions, voicemail/web voicemail, fax to email and call forwarding.

These features can be accessed and adjusted in an online web-based user portal.  For example, you can set up call forwarding rules to have your calls sent to your voicemail after hours, or change calls to be forwarded to your mobile phone while you are out of the office.

If your company has not reaped the benefits of a toll free number, it is important to consider how valuable they are for your customers, as well as your business.  Australia toll free numbers give you the opportunity to establish yourself as a legitimate business in Australia without having a physical presence there.  Customers will be able to reach your business via landline or mobile all over Australia.