Hosted PBX and your business

Businesses could reap the largest benefits when it comes to adding a hosted PBX. Since most businesses are less likely to have an in-house IT department, a hosted solution can provide that service as well as a much more versatile telephony system.

In addition to providing IT support, adding a hosted PBX can enhance a company’s image by providing a phone system with features once reserved for enterprise businesses. Now, features such as automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, skills-based routing, call and voice recording and much more are affordable and available to even the smallest businesses.

Another benefit of hosted PBX is the ability to forward or route calls wherever they are needed to better ensure that customer calls are received. This way important calls don’t have to be missed or relegated to voicemail – the calls can be routed to the appropriate department and fielded as they come in.

Finally, hosted PBX might be the perfect fit for your business because of its incredible scalability. The system can easily be added on to as your business grows or scaled back and forth to adjust for seasonal workflow.

Hosted PBX offers all businesses a versatile, cost-efficient, image-enhancing telephony solution. All organizations are now able to enjoy the benefits of a more expensive business phone system at a cost that is easier for them to afford.