400 Numbers - The Best Choice for a China Toll Free Number

China 400 numbers are equivalent to an 800 number. They are the preferred toll free number for Chinese businesses. They can be used for both North and South China, and customers are also able to dial these numbers from their mobile phones. Having a China 400 number is important for your business because most people who live in China only have a mobile phone. These numbers make it easy for any customer to contact you. They also give your business a global presence. 

Finding the right provider that fits your business needs for a 400 number can be tricky which is why we created this post to compare top alternatives for China 400 phone numbers. Each provider in this post is reputable and has the ability to service a wide range of features to offer your business.

Competitor Plans Starting At IVR Cost Per Additional Minute
Global Call Forwarding $68.95 per month Yes 25.8¢
TollFreeForwarding $49/ month Yes 26.6¢ Pay as you go Yes 29.9¢
AVOXI $25.99 Yes 19.1¢

Types of Chinese Numbers

Chinese Toll Free Numbers

China has two different types of toll free numbers that function very differently. They have 400 numbers and 10-800. What makes the 400 number such a great option for businesses us that you can use one number for both the north and the south whereas if you purchase a traditional 800 number you would need to buy two separate numbers for the north region and the southern region. There is a shared-cost that all customers incur, however, the costs are very minimal.

Chinese DID Numbers

If you are a business that wants to have a local presence in China, Chinese DID numbers are what you are looking for. These numbers are provided by the local Chinese number exchange. 

Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding is affiliated with United World Telecom (UWT). GCF was founded in 2007 specifically for the use of toll free and local numbers.

Global Call Forwarding China 400 Number Pricing

GCF has five different pricing tiers for you to choose from. Each plan offers three months of included rollover minutes, meaning that whatever minutes go unused can simply add to your next month’s plan. 

Basic Plan 

  • $68.95/ month 
  • 104 minutes 
  • 25.8¢ per additional minute 

Value Plan

  • $128.95/ month 
  • 416 minutes 
  • 24.8¢ per additional minute 

Power Plan

  • $188.95/ month 
  • 781 minutes 
  • 22.8¢ per additional minute 

Premium Plan

  • $348.95/ month 
  • 1,654 mintues 
  • 21.8¢ per additional minute 

Enterprise Plan

  • $498.95/ month 
  • 2,546 minutes 
  • 20.8¢ per additional minute 

Global Call Forwarding offers DID numbers in Bejing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. Their pricing plans begin at $28.95 a month with 52 monthly minutes included. 

GCF china 400 number pricing

Global Call Forwarding Features

Global Call Forwarding offers an extensive list of features included with their China toll free numbers. Some of these features include: 

  • Advanced IVR: Having an IVR in place is a great way for customers to be directed to the appropriate agent/ department 
  • Voicemail to Email: Too busy to answer the phone? By getting your voicemail transcripts sent to your email you can read it anywhere and stay up to date. 
  • Time of Day Routing: You can choose where you want calls routed based on the time of day. Calls can be directed to mobile numbers, voicemails, softphones and more!

TollFreeForwarding was founded in 2002, and its headquarters are located in Los Angeles, CA. They focus on international toll free and local numbers from a variety of countries worldwide. 

TollFreeForwarding China 400 Number Pricing

TollFreeForwarding offers a variety of pricing options for you to find a plan that's a good fit for your business.


  • Pay as you go 
  • $49/ month 
  • 26.6¢ per additional minute 

Starter (option 2)

  • 115 minutes 
  • $69/ month 
  • 24.9¢ per additional minute 


  • 210 minutes 
  • $89/ month 
  • 23.9¢ per additional mintue 

Medium (option 2)

  • 430 minutes 
  • $129/ month 
  • 23¢ per additional minute 


  • 674 minutes 
  • $159/ month 
  • 22.1¢ per additional minute 

Large (option 2) 

  • 1,060 minutes 
  • $199/ month 
  • 21.2¢ per additional minute

High Volume 

  • Contact for custom pricing 

TollFreeForwaring offers  DID numbers for Shanghai and their plans start at just $24 a month for their pay as you go plan. 

tollfreeforwarding china 400 pricing

TollFreeForwarding Features

TFF includes a range of different features included with each of their phone numbers. Some of these features include: 

  • Real-Time Reporting: this allows you to look at details are trends in instantly to help improve your customer’s experiences. 
  • Call Recording: Not only is this a great tool for your call logs, but it is also a great way to train your agents. You can use past calls as examples, along with discovering why you might have certain trends in your call metrics. 
  • Call Forwarding: Forward your calls to wherever you and never miss a call again. You can forward your calls to your cellphone, office or at home. 
tollfreeforwarding features China 400 Pricing's pricing structure is based on the number of minutes that your company needs.

Starter Plans 

Pay As You Go 

  • 29.9¢ per additional minute 

20 Minutes 

  • $48/ month 
  • 29.9¢ per additional minute

50 Minutes

  • $56/ month 
  • 25.9¢ per additional minute 

Medium Plans

400 Minutes 

  • $93/ month 
  •  22.9¢ per additional minute 

800 Minutes 

  • $99/ month 
  • 19.9¢ per additional minute 

Large Plans 

2,000 Minutes 

  • $199/ month 
  • 18.9¢ per additional minute 

6,000 Minutes 

  • $499/ month 
  • 17.9¢ per additional minute also has local numbers available for Shanghai that follow the same pricing structure as China 400 numbers china 400 pricing Features offers a handful of features included with each of their numbers. Some of these features include: 

  • Live Chat With Voice: By using their web button you can talk with customers how they want to communicate. They allow you to customize your web button so that your customers can reach the right agent at any time.
  • Call Recording: Playback past calls to use as a training tool for your agents or take a look at the calls to see how your agents are performing and where there might be some room for improvement. 
  • Call Schedule: Route your calls based on dates, and times to ensure that customers can always either get a hold of an agent or at least be redirect to voicemail or an IVR menu.


AVOXI was founded in 2001, and its headquarters are located in Atlanta, GA. However, they have several other locations including Charleston, SC, Costa Rica, South Africa, and now Phuket Thailand. They are a lead cloud communication provider and are constantly expanding and adding to their services. 

AVOXI China 400 Pricing

AVOXI has a range of pricing plans so you are sure to find something within your companies budget. 

Classic Plan 

  • $25.99 per month 
  • $0.191/ additional minute 

Basic Plan 

  • $34.99 per month 
  • $0.162/ additional minute 
  • 234 mintues included 

Connect Plan 

  • $52.99 per month 
  • $0.178/ additional mintue 
  • 374 minutes included 

Standard Plan 

  • $88.99 per month 
  • $0.173/ additional minutes 
  • 749 minutes included 

Advanced Plan

  • $126.99 per month
  • $0.164/ additional minute 
  • 1,119 minutes included 

Premium Plan 

  • $178.99 per month 
  • $0.155/ additonal minute 
  • 1,672 minutes included 

AVOXI also offers an extensive list of local numbers and their pricing plans follow the same structure as their China 400 numbers. Find a plan that is perfect for your business with plans starting as low as $21.49. 

avoxi china 400 pricing

AVOXI Features

AVOXI’s plans included 20+ advanced features with each pricing plan at no extra cost to you. Some of these features include: 

  • VoIP Softphone: No need for a traditional phone now you can make calls over your computer, all you need is reliable wifi. 
  • Call Whisper: This feature is great for training new agents. Call whisper allows you to sit on a call between the agent and a customer and assist the agent when they get stuck without the customer knowing. 
  • Call Queues: Set up your call queues to improve customer satisfaction and reduce hold time. 
avoxi features