Call Forwarding at Your Service

Call forwarding has increased in popularity over the course of the “telecommunication evolution” in the last ten years or so. Now as an almost necessary call feature for many businesses worldwide, call forwarding is used internationally. The benefits of having your, let’s say, toll free number pointed to another extension or number are huge.

As a business owner, what is your worst nightmare? Let’s evaluate this scenario:

 An inquiring customer visits your website and decides that your product/service is ideal for what they are searching. Eager to buy, they contact you via your toll free number, but the call is never picked up because it’s past office hours and none of your employees, or you, are there to pick up. The customer, irritated at the no response, hangs up and pursues another company instead.

Yikes! That missed opportunity is hardly ever going to be regained, regardless of the approach your best salesperson uses the following morning. And for all you know, that lead has already made purchase from your competitor.

With call forwarding, you can have your customer calls forwarded directly to your landline or mobile phone number so that when your lights are out at the office, a call can still reach you wherever you are.

Call forwarding enables many functions, including the below which make this feature even more valuable:
– Point calls to any number, anywhere
– Set scheduling for call forwarding either by time, day, or destination ring-to number
– Include simultaneous ring-to numbers allowing for multiple call center representatives to receive calls
– Set order for calls to be forwarded to, allowing one representative to answer a call if another is unavailable

Call forwarding may be set up on a landline or mobile phone number, VoIP, or PBX, for a small, medium, or large business anywhere in the world. specializes in providing global entrepreneurs the ability to take their business with them by forwarding calls to avoid another missed business opportunity.