3 Ways to Save with VoIP Telephony

Businesses have to be considerate of their expenses at all costs. Cost efficiency is vital for the lifetime of a business and its success, thus cutting expenses where possible is incredibly valuable. When it comes to business telephony, businesses have the great ability of switching from traditional PSTN or VoIP telephony to cut costs significantly. VoIP offers many advantages to making these savings possible. Let’s discuss the top 3 ways VoIP telephony reduces costs for businesses.

VoIP Offers Mobility

One of the main reasons businesses switch to VoIP is due to its mobility. This flexible technology provides an unparalleled convenience. It gives business owners the ability to easily and instantly apply changes to their phone lines, account settings, forwarding rules and more. Having the ability to change forwarding rules allows businesses owners to send calls made on their toll free number(s) anywhere in the world, at any time.

VoIP Offers Scalability

No matter what size your business, you can never be too sure of the amount of extensions you require. This fluctuating number can greatly impact your business if you are not prepared or have the elasticity to easily adjust. Because VoIP operates in the “cloud,” virtual extensions can be created or removed within minutes. Most service providers, like CallForwarding.com, also offer unlimited virtual extensions at little or no additional cost. With traditional PSTN telephony, adding or removing extensions would be a physical and time-consuming process which businesses simply do not have the time for these days.

VoIP Offers More Sales

It’s true. With VoIP telephony, your business can even benefit from more sales! With toll free numbers from over 100 countries around the world, VoIP users instantly expand their reach to various, appealing international markets. With more presence and the inevitable higher call influx, businesses that employ toll free numbers are guaranteed more sales opportunities. In fact, studies have found that companies with a toll free number get 30% more sales than those that do not.

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