0800 Numbers Enhance Business Accessibility

0800 numbers enable businesses to reach customers on an international scale.

Toll free numbers, such as UK 0800 numbers, help create an instant virtual presence in the UK, resulting in convenient and relatively cheap connections with your UK customers regardless of your own physical location.  0800 numbers offer businesses a bigger world presence without the overly expensive costs associated with an international office.

0800 numbers are Freephone Numbers

Commonly referred to as freephone numbers, 0800 is used as a toll free prefix in several countries around the world, including several across Europe and South American. When dialing, 0800 numbers are followed by five or more digits and are only accessible to callers within that country. However, a certain type of 0800 numbers also gives businesses the ability to be accessible to multiple countries with the use of that one number; this is of great value and benefits businesses for multiple reasons.

0800 Numbers as UIFNs are Accessible to Multiple Countries

0800 numbers as a UIFN (universal international freephone number) reap many benefits for a business. UIFN is something like a “worldwide toll free number.” A single 0800 number can be dialed from varied international countries and reach your business directly (provided that each insert corresponding dialing codes in front of the 0800 prefix).

0800 Numbers Serve as a Great Marketing Tool

When used as UIFNs, 0800 numbers enhance marketing efforts internationally. Because a single number can be used across many countries, your business is more effectively able to advertise; this is particularly true when a vanity number 0800 number is used. Vanity numbers are toll free numbers that spell out your business name or benefit, such as 1-800-FLOWERS. By presenting this type of 0800 number on your website, print, or media ads, global customers are better able to recognize and memorize your primary business contact number.

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