Toll Free Call Forwarding

What is toll free call forwarding in telecom? Learn all you need to know about toll free call forwarding here.

What is toll free call forwarding?

Toll free forwarding, which is the same as call forwarding or call divert, allows businesses to activate toll free numbers abroad and route calls made to those numbers to another device. Toll free forwarding is a simple concept that can change the way that you do business – for the better. With toll free forwarding, your business can expand its reach internationally without blowing your budget or uprooting your current business model.

Working directly with a domestic or international toll free number, toll free forwarding sends calls made to that number to any other specified device anywhere around the globe. It supports forwarding to landline, mobile, SIP phones, or a PBX system.

How does toll free call forwarding work?

Setting up toll free call forwarding is simple. You’ll simply purchase an international toll free number (ITFS) and have your service provider forward that number to your preferred device. For example: if you purchased a Australian toll free number for your Australia customers, the number would ring to your representatives in the US, or wherever else agents are taking calls. You can forward your calls to any device, such as a PBX system or SIP phone. Note: that the cheapest per-minute rates are offered when forwarding to SIP, whereas the most expensive rates are for mobile.

What are the benefits of toll free call forwarding?

Toll free call forwarding benefits include:

  • Advanced calling features
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Free calling for the customer (for toll free numbers only)
  • Higher international exposure
  • Instant connection with customers worldwide

From a business perspective, toll free forwarding offers unlimited flexibility and scalability.  Toll free forwarding gives you the opportunity to change forwarding rules at your own leisure.  If you are a frequent traveler and need to receive calls on the go, you can with international toll free forwarding.  Additionally, you can change where calls are sent depending on time-of-day, day of the week, or any other specifications provided.

How much does toll free call forwarding cost?

The cost of toll free call forwarding service includes a monthly fee, call charges, and any add-on fees for additional phone system features. When call forwarding service is set up, you can select either a pay-per-minute plan or a package. Pay-per-minute plans give the lowest monthly price, but you'll pay a call charge for talk time minutes, and per-minute call rates will typically be higher on average when compared to a package plan. Package plans will already include talk time minutes in your monthly fee--you'll pay a high subscription fee, but the cost of your call charges will be much lower than a pay-per-minute plan.

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