IVR Routing

What is IVR routing in telecom, and how is it used? Learn all you need to know about IVR call routing here.

What is IVR call routing?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) routing is a phone system feature that allows businesses to route callers based on automated greeting and audio prompts. This provides callers instant access to the customer's business, with basic product or service information before they speak to an operator. Through an interactive voice reaction program or virtual attendant, callers are promptly transferred to the desired department, or agent. This is favorable to both the client and the business.

Using IVR routing, you can quickly and easily configure self-service menu options to direct callers to the right agent or department the first time, such as:

  • Record your own greeting or upload a new file or choose from pre-existing recordings.
  • The menu prompt gives callers the chance to choose from a variety of options listed in your recording.
  • The timeout prompt is the recording that will play if the caller does not take any action

IVR routing best practices

To ensure callers have the best customer experience possible, here are a few IVR call routing best practices:

  • Provide callers with a live agent option
  • Offer other language options at the end of the initial main menu
  • Information inputted from callers should be sent to the live agent to prevent callers repeating information
  • Don't include too many options in the menus
  • Keep each option short and simple

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