Intelligent Call Routing

What is intelligent call routing in telecom, and how is it used? Learn all you need to know about intelligent call routing here.

What is Intelligent Call Routing?

Intelligent call routing is a call center software feature that allows callers to be “intelligently” routed to the best agent for their needs. ICR can use AI or algorithms to sort callers, which can be through priority level, caller history, account status, and more. Additionally, callers can be matched with agents based on agent skill level, spoken language, and so on. ICR plays in tandem with IVR, as customer inputs can help identify callers and route them to the appropriate agent.

How does Intelligent Call Routing work?

Intelligent call routing uses the caller’s inputs, caller data, and any historical data to find the best agent match for the call. For example, a call center may set up routing where a caller who has previously called has a higher priority in the queue. This could be done through historical data on the caller’s phone number, or through a member number input in the IVR. If it's found that the caller has an open ticket, the call can be flagged to be pushed further to the front of the queue.

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