DID Numbers

What are DID numbers in telecom? Learn all you need to know about DID numbers here.

What is a DID number?

A local number is also known as a DDI/DID, or direct inward dialing number.  Based on a specific city, these virtual phone numbers function similarly to regular local numbers, allowing businesses to forward calls locally or internationally to their existing business lines.  With this service, your business can be reached at the same price as a local call, no matter where your callers are located.  Many companies use DID numbers to create the appearance of being based in a specific region without having to open a physical location.

Benefits of DID numbers

  • Having local phone numbers gives your company a presence in particular target markets and makes it more accessible to individuals locally and internationally.
  • Using them, businesses can establish a local presence without the overhead and red tape of a physical location.
  • Local phone numbers are an affordable way to expand a business.
  • DID numbers are usually more affordable.
  • Your business will be reachable to customers around the world with local phone numbers.

How much do DID numbers cost?

The cost of DID number service includes a monthly fee, call charges, and any add-on fees for additional phone system features. When your DID number is set up, you can select either a pay-per-minute plan or a package. Pay-per-minute plans give the lowest monthly price, but you'll pay a call charge for talk time minutes, and per-minute call rates will typically be higher on average when compared to a package plan. Package plans will already include talk time minutes in your monthly fee--you'll pay a high subscription fee, but the cost of your call charges will be much lower than a pay-per-minute plan. Number cost can also vary greatly based on the country or region the number is associated with.

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